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Article by Bertrand Gili, President of Metrologic Group


End-to-End 3D Metrology as a way to grow and adapt to these COVID times 1

If you only have five min­utes, here’s what you need to know about what a com­pre­hen­sive uni­ver­sal 3D metrol­ogy soft­ware plat­form can bring you dur­ing these COVID times.

Forget your morn­ing or after­noon shot of espresso! To get your brain going, I want to serve you up a strong and ultra-​concentrated set of insights on how 3D metrol­ogy pro­fes­sion­als are react­ing to the COVID pan­demic and are already plan­ning for recovery. 

Since 3D Metrology can be used to drive pro­duc­tiv­ity, I would like to show you how the End-​to-​End 3D metrol­ogy can help you save money, grow and adapt to these uncer­tain times and their sig­nif­i­cant changes.

 We have wit­nessed the world chang­ing in the last few months.

What we and our cus­tomers have learned is that we need to change the way we all work inter­nally and exter­nally. Going for­ward in the post COVID-​19 era will con­tin­u­ously be rede­fined and redesigned.

Staying on top of trends and avail­able tech­nol­ogy solu­tions is para­mount now more than ever; and to man­age this uncer­tainty change and con­tin­u­ous adap­ta­tion to new and evolv­ing mar­ket con­di­tions is a must.

I would there­fore, like to share some thoughts on the way we develop soft­ware solu­tions that resist the test of time and can help indus­try nav­i­gate in these uncer­tain times.

Evolving needs among 3D metrology professionals in the COVID-​19 Recovery

After care­fully observ­ing the evo­lu­tion of the indus­try dur­ing this period, we have noticed the fol­low­ing trends:

  1. Reduced staff on site, some not work­ing and oth­ers par­tially work­ing remotely.
  2. Reduced metrol­ogy work­load as man­u­fac­tur­ing capac­ity decreases.
  3. A need to bet­ter con­trol the over­all metrol­ogy process and asso­ci­ated costs.

Though these trends are closely related, they out­line the need for a com­mon and holis­tic 3D metrol­ogy approach that moves focus from the sim­ple improve­ment of mea­sur­ing equip­ment or soft­ware, to more effi­cient use of all avail­able data what­ever the type at any time as well as from any location.

Tackling changes: adapt & renew. Staying in control whatever the challenge.

End-to-End 3D Metrology as a way to grow and adapt to these COVID times 2

Here are proven solu­tions to address the above challenges:

1. Full Digital Twin-based tools that include sim­u­la­tion which can be used to work remotely have shown their value in prepar­ing pro­grams with­out being on site or even hav­ing access to a part or the machine. This allowes seam­less deliv­ery to the pro­duc­tion team, remov­ing the need for urgent and lengthy pro­gram­ming to restart the busi­ness after the recov­ery. This applies to auto­mated solu­tions, such as CMMs or Robots, or laser tracker-​type solu­tions, with the prepa­ra­tion of the set-​up, using a per­fect Digital Twin of the real world behav­ior in a sim­u­lated world and this run­ning on a sim­ple com­puter or even a Virtual Machine installed remotely.

2. The reduc­tion of work­loads in metrol­ogy has led to under-​used mea­sur­ing equip­ment on paper, except that today there is no way of track­ing it. We have ded­i­cated tools to mon­i­tor the mea­sur­ing equip­ment, espe­cially auto­mated cells like Robot or CMM’s, but it equally applies to any other type of 3D Metrology equip­ment. The sim­ple aim is to have reli­able data on the actual uti­liza­tion of the equip­ment, allow­ing clear decision-​making about reten­tion or re-​assignment of equip­ment to other departments/​plants. We observed from end-​users that the re-​allocation of the unused devices based on the data from these sim­ple mon­i­tor­ing tools has allowed them to make sig­nif­i­cant sav­ings and react extremely fast.

3. The learn­ings from the cur­rent sit­u­a­tion have also rein­forced the need for more trans­ver­sal tools, capa­ble of opti­miz­ing the 3D mea­sure­ment processes and finally “mak­ing sense of data”. As a result, Metrologic Group has strength­ened its devel­op­ment of the global, all-​in-​one, Universal 3D Metrology plat­form, per­fectly inte­grat­ing it into any dig­i­tal work­flow, aim­ing to opti­miz­ing the entire metrol­ogy process.

More specif­i­cally, what can an end-​to-​end solu­tion bring to your com­pany at each step of the qual­ity con­trol process? Put sim­ply, a strong added value to increase pro­duc­tiv­ity, reduce sig­nif­i­cantly scrap rate and help you make the right deci­sions, all from a sin­gle point of advice.

What can End-​to-​End 3D Metrology do for you?

Our inno­v­a­tive end-​to-​end approach will change the face of the indus­try with reduc­ing the total cost of own­er­ship for indus­trial man­u­fac­tur­ers by elim­i­nat­ing metrol­ogy silos, inef­fi­cient work­flow and, in addi­tion to low­er­ing train­ing costs, facil­i­tat­ing greater col­lab­o­ra­tion between teams and plants, ensur­ing con­sis­tency of mea­sure­ment results, and increas­ing work­force mobil­ity. With our End-​to-​End process, you can eas­ily opt for a sin­gle step, sin­gle solu­tion sup­plier, how­ever our mod­u­lar approach also allow you to sim­ply pick a “miss­ing piece” as we can inte­grate with any and all other soft­ware you cur­rently use on your mea­sur­ing devices. The choice there­fore becomes sim­ple based on where we add the most value for you: you can pick indi­vid­ual com­po­nents from our offer­ing or the com­pre­hen­sive solu­tion, depend­ing on your requirements.

As this approach artic­u­lates seam­lessly, I would like to take you through the entire End-​to-​End process, from the ini­tial plan­ning of your 3D mea­sure­ment strat­egy to the full analy­sis of your inspec­tion results and machine mon­i­tor­ing and illus­trate how opti­miz­ing every step of your process is a game-changer.

End-to-End 3D Metrology as a way to grow and adapt to these COVID times 3

The 3D Metrology End-​to-​End Inspection Process is a 4‑step open and col­lab­o­ra­tive ecosys­tem with a mod­u­lar struc­ture, where you can pick one, sev­eral or all of the puz­zle pieces to boost your over­all qual­ity con­trol process.

Step 1: Prepare: iden­tify which fea­tures you want to mea­sure, com­pute using basic 2D, embed­ded PMI data or also import­ing dif­fer­ent inspec­tion plan­ning files (pro­pri­etary or stan­dard ones like QIFF) to pre­pare the fea­tures to be measured

Step 2: Program: cre­ate your native 3D inspec­tion part pro­gram, in a dig­i­tal Twin, emu­lat­ing your real world in a fully sim­u­lated world with full real world behav­iors. Using our Silma X4 Windows-​based solu­tion, you can choose to cre­ate an easy-​to-​read pro­gram with our pro­pri­etary binary encrypted lan­guage, or you can opt to use Silma native DMIS lan­guage, based on the ISO DMIS 5.3 stan­dard to cre­ate your native and opti­mized DMIS Program, in a text file that can be shared with any software.

Step 3: Execute: con­nect to your mea­sur­ing device & exe­cute the pro­gram using one of more than 120 direct machine inter­faces devel­oped by Metrologic (includ­ing the ISO I++ Standard). By seam­lessly con­nect­ing Metrolog X4 soft­ware to your favorite device, you can drive it, cap­ture the data and per­form the com­plete analy­sis then report, export, and pub­lish the data in any desired for­mat includ­ing SQL data­base with sim­ple connectivity.

Step 4: Manage: we live in a big data world and we have noticed that many cus­tomers do not make the most out of their 3D Metrology gen­er­ated fea­tures. Not only do we pro­vide built-​in dig­i­tal col­lab­o­ra­tion solu­tions, but we also make it pos­si­ble to con­nect your favorite monitoring/​supervision or sta­tis­ti­cal soft­ware to exploit all this gen­er­ated data. You also have the choice to stay in our ecosys­tem and use one of the Metrologic sta­tis­ti­cal process con­trol soft­ware appli­ca­tions if you don’t have your own. It’s sim­ple, fast and efficient!

End-to-End 3D Metrology as a way to grow and adapt to these COVID times 4

Celebrating our 40th anniver­sary, we take real pride at Metrologic Group that we have cre­ated the most ver­sa­tile and uni­ver­sal 3D metrol­ogy soft­ware solu­tion, already used by thou­sands of blue chip cus­tomers world­wide. Today we are very excited to deliver a com­pre­hen­sive yet mod­u­lar soft­ware plat­form to the indus­try, respect­ing of our customer’s dig­i­tal flow.

End-​to-​End 3D Inspection stands for an open ecosys­tem where you can sim­ply pick one, sev­eral, or all puz­zle pieces, based upon your exist­ing and future deploy­ment plans, indus­trial needs or sim­ply the appli­ca­tions you already use and are happy to con­nect to one of our com­po­nents. Efficiency can­not be sim­pler and more scal­able than that!

You do not need to replace all of your cur­rent solu­tions, espe­cially if you are happy with them; we sim­ply offer the pos­si­bil­ity of inter­con­nect­ing them, with mod­ules that can opti­mize any step of your 3D metrol­ogy process.

Your CMM New Best Friend

Do you have a Renishaw 5‑axis REVO machine and do you have issues pro­gram­ming it offline?

No need to get rid of Modus — keep it, as your issue is not exe­cu­tion, but pro­gram­ming! Silma sup­ports the ISO DMIS native pro­gram­ming lan­guage and there­fore inter­faces with all native DMIS-​built inspec­tion soft­ware with the full REVO kine­mat­ics and behav­iors and prob­ing strat­egy already built-in.

And this applies to all exis­tent CMM brands on the mar­ket: Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, Zeiss Industrial Metrology, Wenzel Group, Renishaw, Mitutoyo, Coord3, Erowa System Solutions, LK Metrology, Stiefelmaier, and many more…

Interested about our End-​to-​End approach or just curi­ous to learn more? Would you like to have an onsite demon­stra­tion using your own data, own machine and part – pick your miss­ing link from our offer­ing! We will show you how easy it can inte­grate with your exist­ing dig­i­tal flow and soft­ware as a part of your indus­trial processes.

Go directly to the End-​to-​End page to dis­cover the added value of the solu­tion and con­tact us for a full test drive.



Updated Thursday April 9th, 2020


In these times of change, we need to be proactive and adapt to a world that will be different.  Not only does this apply to us as a technological company but most importantly to our customers who will grow different set of expectations. More than ever, time has come to step up to evolving market demands: we are committed to implementing radical changes to support our end-users. Starting today.


Updated Tuesday March 17th, 2020


At Metrologic Group, safety is our number one priority. We are committed to providing you with the best possible customer experience while protecting our staff. As of Tuesday March 17th noon France is in partial lockdown and we will be applying government mandatory measures.  All of our team is able to operate and work remotely in secured locations.

Preventing the further spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility for us all.

We are monitoring and enforcing all guidelines set out by local governments in the countries in which we operate, whether related to local requirements, general hygiene or to travel restrictions.

During this time, we are doing our best to maintain 100% of our technical support services by phone, email or remote assistance.  If you have any technical problems using our solution or need simple assistance, you can contact us normally through the usual channels and locally available phone numbers:


  • • Technical Support: hotline [at]  (replace [at] by @)
  • • Find and contact your local support
  • • Technical Support for France Hotline Direct Access Number: +33-476-043-033
  • • Or locate your nearest Subsidiary/resseller for local support.
  • • General or Commercial Inquiries: +33-476-043-030
  • • Extranet Link


Trainings, on-site assistance and business trips are cancelled until further notice.

However, our team of experts is available to perform virtual/remote training to support your needs:  contact your local focal to learn more on how we have adpated to the situation to keep providing training on our full range of software solutions.

We will continue to keep you informed as we go along and we invite you to regularly consult this page for the latest information.


Thank you and stay safe,

The Metrologic Group Team

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