Point cloud inspection

Leading soft­ware for 3D point cloud inspection

Metrolog is the ref­er­ence for 3D point cloud inspec­tion. Not only does it speed up the inspec­tion process and gain in through­put inspec­tion time, but it also con­tributes to increased mea­sure­ment pre­ci­sion and less scrap. Powerful and robust Metrolog algo­rithms for han­dling scanned point cloud data result in improved qual­ity and pro­duc­tiv­ity within your man­u­fac­tur­ing process.

Although the qual­ity of 3D scan­ners has improved greatly in recent years and they are employed at a grow­ing scale for faster point acqui­si­tion for parts or appli­ca­tions where con­tact mea­sure­ment sys­tems can­not make it, inevitable mea­sure­ment errors in point cloud still occur. Our goal is to respond to this crit­i­cal chal­lenge by bring­ing more pre­ci­sion to 3D scan sys­tems and help you gain deeper insight into point cloud inspection.

Point cloud inspection 1

Unlock the full poten­tial of your Point Cloud inspec­tion process with industry’s most robust and accu­rate 3D scan pro­cess­ing software. 

Point cloud inspection 2

Why choose Metrolog for your 3D point cloud inspection

  • Unrivalled 3D point cloud acqui­si­tion, pro­cess­ing and analy­sis toolset allow­ing you to fix and pre­vent prob­lems in the ear­lier stage of the man­u­fac­tur­ing process.
  • Fully embed­ded and seam­lessly inte­grated scan­ning and qual­ity con­trol for all CMM/​ robots and lat­est opti­cal 3D mea­sure­ment tech­nol­ogy avail­able on the market.
  • Real-​time dis­play and com­put­ing of your ongo­ing mea­sure­ment results to mon­i­tor your inspec­tion: all the fea­ture char­ac­ter­is­tics and results.
  • Advanced capa­bil­ity to col­lect and per­form full analy­sis of heav­i­est 3D point cloud data with­out decimation.
  • True point cloud fea­ture extrac­tion based on Y14 & ISO 1101 GD&T compliance
Point cloud inspection 3

Complete toolset

The most com­plete and easy to use toolset for com­par­ing forms and pro­files (part-​to-​part and part-​to-​CAD), high­light­ing areas that are out of tol­er­ance. It also includes the most full-​scale GD&T analy­sis capa­bil­i­ties on the market.

Point cloud inspection 4

Direct projection

Rapid and accu­rate Point Cloud analy­sis using direct pro­jec­tion onto the part CAD file. The pro­jec­tion is based on the poly­no­mial model and not the faceted and approx­i­mated one.

Point cloud inspection 5

Feature inspection

Extensive sur­face and fea­ture inspec­tion set of func­tions for full con­trol of your sur­face qual­ity lay­out. Perform reli­able fea­ture extrac­tion and fast colour map­ping, directly from your scan data.

Point cloud inspection 6

CAD cloud fitting

Accurate and easy-​to-​use align­ment func­tions and best-​fit. Multiple solu­tions avail­able for cloud fit­ting to CAD: aut­ofit, best-​fit, man­ual fit, or cloud to cloud fitting.

Point cloud inspection 7

Reporting tools

Manual or program-​based dimen­sional analy­sis with gen­er­a­tion of easy to inter­pret and inter­ac­tive report­ing enabling rapid decision-making.

Point cloud inspection 8

Easy programming

No need to be an expert in pro­gram­ming. Quality com­pli­ance con­trol of final man­u­fac­tured and assem­bled prod­ucts can be car­ried out through acces­si­ble auto­mated techniques.

Point cloud inspection 9

Multi-​sensor ready

We offer an exten­sive retro­fit kit adapt­able to any 3D mea­sur­ing machines and capa­ble to inte­grate most of the exist­ing opti­cal sen­sors avail­able on the market.

Point cloud inspection 10

Free i‑Viewer app

Collaborate and dynam­i­cally exchange your point cloud data with your engi­neer­ing team by using i‑Viewer app: eas­ily share your inspec­tion results with cus­tomers, part­ners or subcontractors.

See how our exper­tise can address your most crit­i­cal 3D inspec­tion chal­lenges faster than ever.

Key fea­tures

Point cloud inspection 11

Smooth workflow and user-​friendly interface

  • Estimating part qual­ity accord­ing to the mm² sur­face (area calculation)
  • User inter­face that can be entirely cus­tomiz­able to adapt to the operator’s work habits, type of device used, and mea­sure­ment type
  • Automatic view ori­en­ta­tion dur­ing data acquisition
  • Multiple infor­ma­tion win­dows (posi­tion and results)
  • Simple, func­tional and pow­er­ful report editor.
  • Available in 19 lan­guages, which you can switch on the fly.
Point cloud inspection 12

Point Cloud Processing

  • No limit con­cern­ing point cloud import
  • Fast acqui­si­tion, best fit, alignment
  • Incoherent data points, noise and out­lier’s elimination
  • Point Cloud and multi-​feature filtering
  • Point Cloud fusion, smoothing
  • Export of point cloud mesh
  • Multi solu­tions for cloud fit­ting to CAD: Autofit, Best fit, Manual fit, or even cloud to cloud fitting
  • Many pow­er­ful extrac­tion fea­tures avail­able, dif­fer­ent strate­gies avail­able depend­ing on the part type.
Point cloud inspection 13

Mesh generation

  • Several mesh­ing func­tions (2D, 3D, devi­a­tion error)
  • Hole fill­ing along curvatures
  • Mesh col­oration
  • Meshing along curvature
  • Constraint mesh­ing
  • Noise mea­sure­ment elimination
  • Mesh dec­i­ma­tion, poly­gon reduction
  • Optimization for finite ele­ment analysis
  • 3D global shape deformation. 
    Point cloud inspection 14

    3D Inspection

    • Surface or con­tour comparison
    • Color map­ping with vari­able scales
    • Detailed label edi­tion on par­tic­u­lar points
    • Manual acqui­si­tion assistant
    • Single action win­dows for Measuring/​Defining/​Building
    • Extracting ele­ments and auto­mat­i­cally apply­ing geo­met­ri­cal tolerance
    • Comparison sys­tem between cloud points and the CAD (color mapping)
    • User-​friendly treat­ment of flushes and gaps
    • Measuring mate­r­ial thickness.
    Point cloud inspection 15

    CAD preparation and rapid prototyping

    • Best shape extrac­tion for eas­i­est sur­face reconstruction
    • Section com­pu­ta­tion
      • Import for­mats: com­mon nom­i­nal CAD files like CATIA V5, IGS, STEP, VDA, SET, Pro‑E, Unigraphics, NX

        Export: All pos­si­ble for­mats on the market.

      Point cloud inspection 16

      Reliable foun­da­tion 

      Metrolog 64-​bit multi-​core native devel­op­ment ben­e­fits from the supe­rior per­for­mance of today’s com­puter sys­tems. The soft­ware is opti­mized to eas­ily han­dle dense, heavy vol­ume data sets to facil­i­tate not only point cloud acqui­si­tion but also fast processing.

      The X4 soft­ware archi­tec­ture pro­vides the capac­ity to:

      • Import and manip­u­late huge CAD files and assemblies
      • Import or acquire large point clouds that can be eas­ily dis­played and manipulated
      • Perform reli­able fea­ture extrac­tion and fast color map­ping, directly from your scan data
      • The abil­ity to con­sid­er­ably reduce con­ver­sion or pro­jec­tion time while using large sets of data (SDAC, point clouds…).



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