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Turnkey solutions for dedicated
areas of inspection

Make a difficult task simple. Gain maximum accuracy in minimum time for the 3D control of increasingly complex parts. Let us provide you with the right solution for your application.



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There’s no 3D metrology area we don’t address. Besides conventional quality inspection, we continuously develop the right tools for highly specialized areas of inspection or very challenging control tasks. We take at heart making tedious, highly complex and time-consuming tasks straightforward and simple, without compromise on accuracy and efficiency.

Customer challenges are a critical driver for achieving our excellence and we can firmly state that Metrolog software is capable of measuring any type of part. Quickly. Efficiently. Trustworthy.

And you, do you have a 3D measurement challenge to share with us?

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Point Cloud module

The availability of optical or laser based sensors (3D scanners) gives the opportunity to collect high densities of points with a good accuracy and therefore increase significantly the capabilities and performances of measuring instruments.

Metrolog point cloud module helps collect and perform full analysis of points cloud based data, coming either from external sources or from 3D scanners directly connected to Metrolog software.

Unrivalled Point Cloud acquisition, processing and analyzis toolset allowing you to fix and prevent problems in the earlier stage of the manufacturing process.




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Gear inspection module

Inspecting gear geometry is a challenging task because of their unique definitions, geometrical characteristics, dedicated algorithms, inspection requirements, and report graphics. Hopefully Metrolog inspection software can handle them all, whatever the measuring equipment or the technology (touch probe,  scanning probe, and even potentially with optical probes for certain types of gears). 

Metrolog software can address the inspection of all gear types, from the most traditional to the more demanding applications for powertrains, high-accuracy machines for the pharmaceutical industry, gyro control mechanisms.

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Blade inspection module

Metrolog blade module is compatible with all 3D measuring equipment, whatever the sensor (touch probes or optical). Jointly developed with blade manufacturers, this blade module provides comprehensive algorithms to obtain fast, precise and flexible data analysis.

With a straightforward user-friendly interface, you can address the 3D inspection of issues such as surface finish, complicated shapes and unique geometries (fan blades, turbine blades and different vanes), thanks to the powerful software engine and embedded algorithms.