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Metrologic Group designs and sells universal 3D measurement software solutions, electronic devices and related services. The company provides innovative industrial solutions for industrial 3D measurements and quality departments.

Metrologic Group’s solutions are designed primarily for the automotive industry, aerospace, industrial manufacturing, consumer products, power generation and the medical industries…

Founded in 1980 in France, Metrologic Group is now a worldwide company with 6 sales offices and 18 certified resellers, covering more than 35 different countries.

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Part of Sandvik Group


Sandvik Manufacturing Solutions brings together more than 160 years of Sandvik’s manufacturing excellence, industrial know-how and leading materials expertise, with the latest developments in digital technologies. Our offering spans the full manufacturing value chain, from design and planning to preparation, production and verification.

Together with our network of partners, we develop solutions for component manufacturers looking to be at the forefront of a new generation of digital manufacturing, including green technologies like additive manufacturing. We empower manufacturers to embrace digital transformation through productivity improvements, reduced waste and working capital, higher profitability – as well as true sustainability advantages.

We make the shift towards efficient and sustainable manufacturing possible – advancing the world through engineering.

Agnostic 3D measurement

Top quality and 3D Metrology are game-changers as they can bring the competitive edge to an industrial company. At Metrologic Group, we believe 3D measurement is at the heart of continuous improvement within manufacturing processes.

We pledge for a universal software solution able to connect to almost, if not all, existent brands or types of CMMs and measuring devices on the market. There is no limit to certain machine types and controllers.  The universality regarding our platform means that the software can import any type of CAD file, and also respond to the requirements of any application.

All the conditions are reunited for a seamless interoperability. 


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Your strategic metrology partner

Major industrial companies throughout the world have adopted our  software as a robust industrial standard to modernize and make the most out of their 3D inspection equipment. Metrologic Group’s solutions integrate seamlessly their engineering and production processes and improve their manufacturing operations.

At these times of accelerated change, Metrologic Group wants to be a technology asset and favorite partner for manufacturing companies looking for industrial, robust and universal software solutions to improve their performance and competitiveness.

Metrologic Group offers a single, innovative approach to 3D measurement. Its core software program, X4, and competitive services allow the standardizing of the measuring processes and the seamless data flow all through the engineering, production and control services, throughout factories all over the world.

The most software suite

Digitalization of process

Your end-to-end 3D Inspection process

General progress towards the digitalization of production lines and the 4.0 factory demand for industrial software programs that are always more innovative and universal, able to work with any kind of machine and technology, throughout factories and global companies.

3D measurement results need to integrate seamlessly into the closed-loop manufacturing process enabling a collaborative and lean manufacturing approach.

Our core values

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We are agile, decentralized and make decisions close to customers

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We are technology leaders, through innovation

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We are ethical and compliant, dedicated to health, safety and sustainability

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We establish market leadership through empowered people, strong performance management and continuous improvements

Our core value are the soul of the company, they guide us in our actions and daily business decisions.

More than 40 years of experience

Rely on our expertise to improve Every Step of your measurement process

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3D measurement

Do you have a 3D measuring device?
Are you looking to buy one?
Would you like to improve your 3D inspection process?
We’ll guide you in the right direction. Think GPS: Global | Performance | Secure.

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CMM retrofit

Transform your outdated CMM into a valuable asset with a software upgrade and retrofit. Discover how an upgrade or retrofit could help your organization drive manufacturing productivity and streamline your 3D metrology process.

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Focusing on quality inspection within industry 4.0 and smart factories, Metrologic Group fully integrates 3D measurements on the shop floor for better traceability and scrap elimination directly in the manufacturing workflow.