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Upgrade or retrofit?

A Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) comprises several subsystems and the condition of each of them must be carefully evaluated before we propose the best upgrade or retrofit for that specific machine. 

A CMM software upgrade is defined as replacing the existing CMM software with new but retaining the existing CMM controller. A CMM retrofit is defined as a complete CNC Controller and Software exchange which can also encompass replacing the measuring scales and rewiring of the machine. When considering an upgrade, software is often the tool most in need of an update. On the other hand, the older the machine the more thorough the retrofit. 

Discover how an upgrade or retrofit could help your organization drive manufacturing productivity and streamline your 3D metrology process.


Why and when upgrade your CMM?

Most CMMs rarely wear to the point of actually needing replacement.
Software upgrade or retrofit can be a cost-effective way to counteract machine obsolescence and transform your CMM by restoring its full performance. Software upgrades typically occur with CMMs under 7 years old while a full CMM retrofit occurs on machine over 7 years old. 

The cost of a CMM retrofit is almost independent of CMM measuring volume and as a consequence the economics of retrofit versus new CMM favor the larger installed CMMs. Many CMMs are installed in quality rooms and extracting them to replace with a new CMM is a logistical challenge. The disruption to production activities, which can incur major costs should also be taken fully into full consideration in the New vs Retrofit cost analysis.

CMM upgrade benefits

  • Enhance your CMM performance and get quicker results with our dedicated CMM software and universal CNC controller. 
  • Cut maintenance costs and call on a unique stop-shop solution for all your machine park. Make it easy: one universal CMM software and hardware technology platform for all of your machines. All brands. All types.
  • Extend the life of your CMM and cut the risk of downtime.
  • Gain a scalable CMM that keeps pace with latest standards, better today and ready for the future. Regular updates via our CMM software maintenance agreements and support team.
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Restore any CMM to like-new performance

Installing new software and/or hardware is a much more affordable alternative to buying a new machine.

Our developed in-house CMM software and electronics can restore any existing CMM and bring it up to like-new performance. You can rely on our 40 years industrial metrology expertise to support your organization with complete CMM maintenance and repair services.

The maintenance of CMM and all of your 3D measurement systems throughout their service life ensures continued return on investment for both control and production equipment.

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Retrofit possible operations

A – Electric motors

B – Drive systems

C – Scale reader head

D – Measurement scales

E – Air feeding circuit and moving block

F – Possibility to replace the original sensor head by a sensor or a high-performance optical sensor

G – Replacing the original CNC by a Digital CNC controller and its complete bay

Manual CMM Upgrade

Our experts carry out manual CMM upgrade with our dedicated ME 3008 integrated Counting Box.

Prior to the CMM Upgrade, our technical staff checks the original accuracy of the machine together with the operator, using  existing 3D measuring software (CMM programming software). Once accuracy results are recorded as reference values, our staff installs the ME 3008 and makes the necessary wiring adjustments.

A complete CMM tuning is done using new hardware, followed by accuracy checking and CMM calibration.
Besides mechanical adjustments, additional geometrical CMM compensation and CMM calibration software can be integrated.
We are committed to improving original accuracy and CMM performance.

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CNC CMM upgrade

Our CMM upgrade and 3D measuring software update solutions give a second life to your coordinate measuring machines. Full process is much secured and offers to customer a maximal warranty (CMM upgrade, 3D software update, CMM calibration).

On demands and if the customers face mechanical problem with the machine, our technician will make a technical expertise prior to CMM repair or CMM upgrade. Metrologic controls and tests the different dynamic components of the machines. Any necessary CMM repairs or spare parts replacement to forecast are mentioned in a detailed report. No CMM repairs are made without prior customer’s agreement.

Anytime it is possible, before starting CMM upgrade, our technician checks the original accuracy of the machine together with the operator using existing 3D measuring software. Accuracy results are recorded as reference values. Then our technician replaces the CMM Controllers (in case hardware needs to be changed) and makes the necessary wiring adaptations.

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A complete CMM tuning is done using new CMM hardware, followed by accuracy checking and CMM calibration. CMM can be adjusted mechanically and also by integrating 3D measuring software geometrical compensation.
Metrologic commitment is to improve original measured accuracy and CMM performances.

There are lots of things to consider when upgrading, retrofitting  or even adding another CMM to your shop. Hopefully we would be glad to assist you in making that decision. Metrologic Group is always available to help review your current situation and plan for the future.

We perform upgrades and retrofits on all CMM brands

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DCC Controller and Joystick available to drive your upgraded CMM 

Boost your CMM performance 
Upgrading made easy!