Digital twin — Offline simulation

Why sim­u­la­tion is so impor­tant for build­ing your qual­ity inspection?

Better through­put

First, when metrol­o­gists pro­gram offline inspec­tion tasks on com­plete sim­u­lated twins of their actual envi­ron­ment and equip­ment, the CMM or the robot are free to con­tinue mea­sur­ing and monitoring.

Improved effi­ciency

Second, when inspec­tion pro­grams have been sim­u­lated and vir­tu­ally tested, they are error and collision-​free once applied to the man­u­fac­tur­ing process.

Faster pro­gram­ming & results interpretation

Third, an offline sim­u­la­tion pro­gram like Silma X4 or Silma X4 i‑Robot can work directly with native or neu­tral CAD files and auto­mat­i­cally inter­pret GD&T.

Digital twin & simulation 1

Silma is a pow­er­ful and com­pelling offline pro­gram­ming 3D inspec­tion soft­ware ded­i­cated for part pro­gram­ming and full offline simulation.

Digital twin & simulation 2

Unparalleled Virtual Programming Software

Silma is the advanced offline pro­gram­ming 3D inspec­tion soft­ware ded­i­cated for part pro­gram­ming and full offline sim­u­la­tion. This com­plete offline solu­tion pro­vides the inte­gra­tion of all real-​world com­po­nents into the vir­tual world.

Silma con­sumes dig­i­tal data from engi­neer­ing allow­ing inspec­tion pro­grams to be cre­ated and val­i­dated even before the first part appears on the man­u­fac­tur­ing line. 

Currently, two ver­sions of the soft­ware are avail­able, both offer­ing sig­nif­i­cant advantages:

  • Silma X4 ded­i­cated for CMM offline pro­gram­ming and 3D mea­sure­ment simulation
  • Silma X4 i‑Robot, designed for mea­sur­ing robots directly on, or just beside the pro­duc­tion line.

Using Silma, you can:

  • Program all of your CMM using one soft­ware, inde­pen­dent of machine size, brand or configuration,
  • Simulate the mea­sure­ment work­flow and detect col­li­sions using a vir­tual CMM envi­ron­ment that exactly rep­re­sents your CMM, parts and fixtures,
  • Prepare your inspec­tion reports with­out using your online software,
  • Perform post inspec­tion analy­sis includ­ing report gen­er­a­tion, best-​fit analy­sis and addi­tional GD&T evaluations.

On the other side, Silma X4 i‑Robot, allows you to fully line up both mea­sur­ing and robotic equip­ment by pro­gram­ing accu­rately and with­out the risk of col­li­sions, prior to the pro­duc­tion cycles. It paves the way for auto­mated inspection.

Digital twin & simulation 3

Offline pro­gram­ming solu­tions that pay off

Silma is used to sim­u­late exist­ing mea­sure­ment pro­grams, as well as cre­at­ing new ones using the CAD file. All with­out machine down­time. No addi­tional know-​how is required; real­ity merges with vir­tual real­ity to cre­ate the impres­sion of sit­ting in front of a machine and enables drive fur­ther intel­li­gent action back into the phys­i­cal world. Silma sets the stan­dard for all other soft­ware to aspire to.

Digital twin & simulation 4

1/​ Definition phase

Silma X4 is a time saver as it takes over the cost-​intensive work cell and vir­tual envi­ron­ment def­i­n­i­tion: scan­ning, self-​centering, rotary tables, tool chang­ers can all be real­ized offline. Besides this, com­monly avail­able robots or CMMs, detailed probe heads, probes, styli and acces­sories from the exten­sive CMM library are right at your fin­ger­tips. We sup­port all com­monly avail­able brands: Wenzel, Zeiss, Leitz, Mitutoyo, Hexagon, API, Creaform, Faro, Kreon, Leica, Mora, Nikon, Renishaw and so many more… Still hav­ing a doubt? Then check with us!

2/​ Reduced part pro­gram­ming capacity

The vir­tual mea­sur­ing machine is even more con­ve­nient and quick to oper­ate thanks to smart algo­rithm that lies within the Inspection Path Planning (IPP) mod­ule. Instead of pro­gram­ming a whole mea­sure­ment routine- only a click-​away – Silma com­putes the best mea­sure­ment tra­jec­tory, with:

  • Automatic head orientation
  • Automatic obsta­cle avoidance
  • Optimized path, with min­i­mum cross­ing points — smart and fast,

inde­pen­dent of type of probe, be it touch or optical.

3/​ Offline programming 

Not only can you cre­ate and sim­u­late part pro­grams with Silma, but also it entirely val­i­dates and trou­bleshoots them using advanced prob­ing and mea­sure­ment rou­tines. Based on a programmer-​orientated and user-​friendly inter­face, part pro­gram proof­ing is fast and easy.


4/​ Part pro­gram validation 

Having doubts about part pro­gram val­i­da­tion? Do not worry any­more; pro­gram con­sis­tency is val­i­dated thanks to a gen­uine 3D inspec­tion and analy­sis engine. In addi­tion to col­li­sion detec­tion, auto­matic obsta­cle avoid­ance gives you the overview, and pos­si­bil­ity to opti­mize your entire prob­ing path.

5/​ Part pro­gram execution

You can send the pro­gram to the machine vir­tu­ally, error- and collision-free!

Support man­u­fac­tur­ing with sim­u­la­tion and dig­i­tal twins and wit­ness improved under­stand­ing of poten­tial bot­tle­necks, enhanced qual­ity con­trol and mea­sure­ment automation.

Digital twin & simulation 5
Digital twin & simulation 6


Silma includes a vir­tual library of more than 800 machines (DCC and Manual CMMs, Laser track­ers, chang­ers, rotary tables…), more than 100 robots and all the other needed acces­sories to repli­cate your real-​world envi­ron­ment, account­ing for 2650 objects.

Digital twin & simulation 7


The soft­ware pro­vides faster cycle times, deliv­ers the user action­able data. What makes Silma so dif­fer­ent from con­ven­tional com­peti­tor soft­ware lies within its added-​value capa­bil­i­ties. Silma is based on years of pro­gram­ming expe­ri­ence and fol­lows the lat­est stan­dards to guar­anty con­sis­tency and coher­ence in your part pro­gram cre­ations – fast, smart and reliable.

Digital twin & simulation 8


Rely on sim­u­la­tion to take your 3D mea­sure­ment to the next level thanks to advanced col­li­sion detec­tion and auto­matic avoid­ance capa­bil­i­ties. Silma allows the opti­miza­tion of mea­sure­ment strate­gies, sen­sor con­fig­u­ra­tions and clamp­ing con­fig­u­ra­tions, and con­tributes con­sid­er­ably to reduc­ing pro­gram­ming times. 



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