3D mea­sure­ment

Metrolog X4 1

Upscale your qual­ity inspec­tion now with Metrolog

Get a real per­for­mance accel­er­a­tor for your 3D mea­sur­ing devices and more.
Not only does Metrolog X4 archi­tec­ture ben­e­fit from cur­rent com­puter and OS tech­nolo­gies sig­nif­i­cantly increas­ing the per­for­mances and metrol­ogy soft­ware through­put, but it also sim­pli­fies your day-​to-​day mea­sure­ment workflow.

 One-​stop uni­ver­sal solu­tion to stream­line your 3D inspec­tion
what­ever the mea­sur­ing device

Metrolog X4 2

Compatibility con­nec­tiv­ity:
all devices supported

  • Compatible with all portable devices
  • More than 100 devices inter­faces available
  • Arms, laser track­ers & P.O.D. systems
  • All brands supported
  • Multi-​connection
  • On the fly switch­ing between mea­sur­ing devices

High per­for­mance:
large data set

No more delays and bot­tle­necks with large vol­umes of data. The com­ing years will see explod­ing amounts of data and pro­cess­ing, whether CAD files or mea­sured point clouds from opti­cal sensors.

Metrolog X4 64-​bit archi­tec­ture uses all avail­able mem­ory and opti­miza­tion, always push­ing the enve­lope. Unparalleled per­for­mance and unpar­al­leled ease of use.

The soft­ware archi­tec­ture pro­vides two key benefits:

  • Import and process heavy CAD files.
  • Import and ana­lyze high vol­ume point clouds with­out decimation.
Metrolog X4 3
Metrolog X4 4

An enhanced inter­face for a smooth end-​user experience.

  • Fully cus­tomiz­able user-​friendly graph­i­cal inter­face to suit oper­a­tor’s needs, machine types and mea­sure­ment types.
  • New man­ual prob­ing wizard.
  • Automatic view ori­en­ta­tion dur­ing acquisition.
  • Multiple infor­ma­tion win­dows (posi­tion and results).
  • Software read­ily avail­able in 19 lan­guages switch­able on the fly.

Enhanced analy­sis:
best in class GD&T and reporting

  • Metrolog X4 has a new geo­met­ric and dimen­sional tol­er­ances pro­cess­ing engine for han­dling the most com­plex cases in record time.
  • Geometric tol­er­ance def­i­n­i­tion facilitated.
  • “Expert” sys­tem ensur­ing the cor­rect eval­u­a­tion method­ol­ogy and results.
  • Total sup­port for the tol­er­ance eval­u­a­tion in com­pli­ance with the given standard.
  • Support for ANSI and ISO standards.
  • Certified and rec­og­nized solu­tion by the PTB and NIST
Metrolog X4 5
Metrolog X4 6

Maximum per­for­mance
in the point clouds analysis

  • Metrolog is designed to process and ana­lyze the largest and most dense point clouds.
  • Metrolog inte­grates the lat­est tech­nol­ogy required for effi­cient opti­cal mea­sure­ment func­tions, ensur­ing that you have the best tool what­ever the device you are using.
  • Cloud com­par­i­son with CAD (Color Mapping).
  • Element extrac­tion and auto­mated GD&T.
  • Intuitive treat­ment of flush and gap.
  • Measurement with com­pen­sa­tion for mate­r­ial thickness.
  • Part qual­ity esti­ma­tion accord­ing to the sur­face mm² (area calculation).

Consistent large scale inspec­tion with Metrolog

  • Compatible with all large mea­sur­ing devices, laser track­ers & mobile opti­cal systems.
  • Supports all exist­ing brands and models.
  • The multi-​connection mode can con­trol sev­eral
    devices to simul­ta­ne­ously mea­sure with ref­er­ence to all of the mea­sure­ment results (bun­dle).
  • Takes into account the uncer­tain­ties of the
    instru­ments and the scale fac­tor (tem­per­a­ture variations).
  • Tracking and man­age­ment of raw data.
Metrolog X4 7
Metrolog X4 8

Efficient part programming

  • Easily cre­ate com­plete part programs.
  • Online or offline teach-​in available.
  • Full process of planned files integration.
  • Operator ori­ented instruc­tions for robust
    shop floor execution.

Best in class report editor

  • Powerful report edi­tor allows com­plete and easy
  • Simple and user-​friendly interface.
  • Create your own report tem­plates adapted to your
    cus­tomer requirements.
  • Customize any type of out­put: assis­tant, sta­tus
    edi­tor, direct export from the library, etc.
  • Export avail­able in many file for­mats such as .XLS,
    .CSV, .PDF…
Metrolog X4 9
Metrolog X4 10


Ability to increase the file size (CAD files, point cloud…), new 64 bits architecture…

Metrolog X4 11


Native 3D Inspection soft­ware bring­ing more pre­ci­sion to non-​contact mea­sur­ing systems

Metrolog X4 12


Compatible with all portable devices, arms, laser track­ers & P.O.D. systems…

Metrolog X4 13


Fully cus­tomiz­able graph­i­cal user inter­face, new man­ual prob­ing assistant.

Metrolog X4 14


All GD&T Tolerances sup­ported: ANSI & ISO, Smart data shap­ing qual­ity inspec­tion and manufacturing…

Interested in Metrolog?

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As a Dassault Systemes part­ner, we offers a vari­ant of Metrolog embed­ded into Catia V5.

The first offline inspec­tion solu­tion fully com­pat­i­ble with world­wide rec­og­nized CAD software. 

Metrolog X4 15

Metrolog is com­pat­i­ble with all major metrol­ogy equip­ment brands.
More than 120 inter­faces avail­able today.

Metrolog X4 16
Metrolog X4 17
Metrolog X4 18

 Unlock the full poten­tial of your Point Cloud inspec­tion with industry’s most robust and accu­rate 3D con­trol software. 

Metrolog X4 19

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Inspection made easy:
Connect and inspect!

Value added app’s to max­i­mize your productivity.

Metrolog X4 20


Free viewer app to share your inspec­tion files with cus­tomers and partners.

Metrolog X4 21


Mobile app that gives you the free­dom to mea­sure away from your computer.

Metrolog X4 22


Revolutionary approach to deliv­er­ing live inspec­tion results to the shop floor.

Metrolog X4 23


Augmented real­ity inspec­tion solu­tion built on Microsoft HoloLens.

Discover our additional 3D inspection software solutions

Metrolog X4 24


Plan, pro­gram, sim­u­late, ana­lyze and report

Metrolog X4 25


Robot drive, inspect, exe­cute, pro­gram, ana­lyze and report



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At Metrologic Group, safety is our number one priority. We are committed to providing you with the best possible customer experience while protecting our staff. As of Tuesday March 17th noon France is in partial lockdown and we will be applying government mandatory measures.  All of our team is able to operate and work remotely in secured locations.

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