Metrolog X4

3D measurement

Metrolog X4 1

Upscale your quality inspection now with Metrolog X4

Get a real performance accelerator for your 3D measuring devices and more.
Not only does Metrolog X4 architecture benefit from current computer and OS technologies significantly increasing the performances and metrology software throughput, but it also simplifies your day-to-day measurement workflow.

 One-stop universal solution to streamline your 3D inspection
whatever the measuring device

Metrolog X4 2

Compatibility connectivity:
all devices supported

  • Compatible with all portable devices
  • More than 120 devices interfaces available
  • Arms, laser trackers & P.O.D. systems
  • All brands supported
  • Multi-connection
  • On the fly switching between measuring devices
  • 5-axis CMM programming capabilities

High performance:
large data set

No more delays and bottlenecks with large volumes of data. The coming years will see exploding amounts of data and processing, whether CAD files or measured point clouds from optical sensors.

Metrolog X4 64-bit architecture uses all available memory and optimization, always pushing the envelope. Unparalleled performance and unparalleled ease of use.

The software architecture provides two key benefits:

  • Import and process heavy CAD files.
  • Import and analyze high volume point clouds without decimation.
Metrolog X4 3
Metrolog X4 4

An enhanced interface for a smooth end-user experience

  • Fully customizable user-friendly graphical interface to suit operator’s needs, machine types and measurement types.
  • New manual probing wizard.
  • Automatic view orientation during acquisition.
  • Multiple information windows (position and results).
  • Software readily available in 19 languages switchable on the fly.

Enhanced analysis:
best in class GD&T and reporting

  • Metrolog X4 has a new geometric and dimensional tolerances processing engine for handling the most complex cases in record time.
  • Geometric tolerance definition facilitated.
  • “Expert” system ensuring the correct evaluation methodology and results.
  • Total support for the tolerance evaluation in compliance with the given standard.
  • Support for ANSI and ISO standards.
  • Certified and recognized solution by the PTB and NIST
Metrolog X4 5
Metrolog X4 6

Maximum performance
in the point clouds analysis

  • Metrolog is designed to process and analyze the largest and most dense point clouds.
  • Metrolog integrates the latest technology required for efficient optical measurement functions, ensuring that you have the best tool whatever the device you are using.
  • Cloud comparison with CAD (Color Mapping).
  • Element extraction and automated GD&T.
  • Intuitive treatment of flush and gap.
  • Measurement with compensation for material thickness.
  • Part quality estimation according to the surface mm² (area calculation).

Consistent large scale inspection with Metrolog

  • Compatible with all large measuring devices, laser trackers & mobile optical systems.
  • Supports all existing brands and models.
  • The multi-connection mode can control several
    devices to simultaneously measure with reference to all of the measurement results (bundle).
  • Takes into account the uncertainties of the
    instruments and the scale factor (temperature variations).
  • Tracking and management of raw data.
Metrolog X4 7
Metrolog X4 8

Efficient part programming

  • Easily create complete part programs.
  • Online or offline teach-in available.
  • Full process of planned files integration.
  • Operator oriented instructions for robust
    shop floor execution.

Best in class report editor

  • Powerful report editor allows complete and easy
  • Simple and user-friendly interface.
  • Create your own report templates adapted to your
    customer requirements.
  • Customize any type of output: assistant, status
    editor, direct export from the library, etc.
  • Export available in many file formats such as .XLS,
    .CSV, .PDF…
Metrolog X4 9
Metrolog X4 10


Ability to increase the file size (CAD files, point cloud…), new 64 bits architecture…

Metrolog X4 11


Native 3D Inspection software bringing more precision to non-contact measuring systems

Metrolog X4 12


Compatible with all portable devices, arms, laser trackers & P.O.D. systems…

Metrolog X4 13


Fully customizable graphical user interface, new manual probing assistant.

Metrolog X4 14


All GD&T Tolerances supported: ANSI & ISO, Smart data shaping quality inspection and manufacturing…

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Contact a Metrolog expert and request your free demo.

As a Dassault Systemes partner, we offer a variant of Metrolog embedded into Catia V5.

The first offline inspection solution fully compatible with worldwide recognized CAD software. 

Metrolog X4 15

Metrolog is compatible with all major metrology equipment brands.
More than 120 interfaces available today.

 Unlock the full potential of your Point Cloud inspection with industry’s most robust and accurate 3D control software. 

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Value added app’s to maximize your productivity.

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Free viewer app to share your inspection files with customers and partners.

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Mobile app that gives you the freedom to measure away from your computer.

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Revolutionary approach to delivering live inspection results to the shop floor.

Metrolog X4 36


Augmented reality inspection solution built on Microsoft HoloLens.

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Plan, program, simulate, analyze and report

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Robot drive, inspect, execute, program, analyze and report