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Forging the factory of the Future

Manufacturing robots have been vital to the automobile manufacturing for decades. Productive, efficient, flexible, cost-effective… presenting so many advantages, that they are continuously deployed at a large scale. Industrial robots never need to rest, never lose focus and rarely make mistakes—if maintained correctly.

In automotive and subcontractor industries, the robotics application are various:

  • High precision
  • Assembling
  • Arc and Spot Welding
  • Material Removal (cutting, grinding, deburring, drilling, etc.)
  • Painting
  • Repeatability
  • Handling / Pick and Place
  • Packing and labeling
  • Palletizing
  • Machine Tool Loading/Unloading
  • Part Transfer
  • Assembly
  • Dispensing
  • Fixturing

Alongside addressing manufacturing capacity and workers safety, quality is one of the main drivers for robot adoption in the automotive industry. There is no surprise that robots are also performing quality control and three-dimensional measurement.

Revolutionary technology to support your growth today and tomorrow

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Shaping the future of 3D metrology. We make it happen!

We are proud to have been at the pulse of industry innovation, as in 2010 we were the first to develop and then market in 2012 a visionary robotic inspection technology. We introduced robot-based quality control with laser radar technology to provide full-field data about geometry and shape, including hole patterns, trim & spring and hemmed edges, of sheet metal of sheet-metal components up to the size of vehicle side panels directly on the shop floor. We created breakthrough value that resonated with customers and industry experts, and still does.

Robotic inspection marks a new era for quality control
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Our robotic inspection solutions are the answer to many challenges in quality compliance control

  • Improve uptime and ensure faster quality checking
  • Include fast root cause analysis
  • More accurate quality testing
  • Relieve 3D measurement bottlenecks
  • Easy integration
  • Scalable solution enabling continuous quality improvement and overall production processes
  • Achieve important savings (less human error, early defect detection).
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Metrolog & Silma i-Robot for robotic measurement & quality assurance

The first-ever robot-based contactless inspection. For inline or beside the line inspection. With a fully integrated and easy-to-use robot. For all kinds of robots. Driven just like a CMM. As precise as a CMM.

i-Robot brings CMM quality measurements onto or just beside the production line! Is you’re looking for cost-effective ways to become more productive, via existent or new robot solution, Metrologic Group can help you get started. One single point of contact for implementing a measuring robot, setting-up, training and support, to perform right from the first time. A holistic approach with a turnkey solution to suit the specific requirements of your production & quality control process.

Discover first-hand the power of robotic inspection
Exactly what the Industry Needs

Fully automated and powerful 3D inspection

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