We provide software training sessions

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Whatever your level Metrolog or Silma, learn alongside an expert in our training centers, or schedule on-site training in your company.

Whether you’re looking for or to your knowledge, Metrologic Group offers several training programs to meet your discovery needs, training or specialization on Metrolog and/or Silma.

These programs were designed to meet the new needs of business training: time optimization, organizational flexibility, adaptation to the specific needs of the participants…

These sessions can be multi-company or intra-enterprise and are organized in our training centers. According to your choices and logistic constraints, our trainers can also occur in your premises.

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90% of customer satisfaction rate*

*Rate are based on a satisfaction survey submitted to 100% of our training participants.

Metrologic Training Advantages

Who better than its designer can train you with fair practice Metrolog?

Training developed by an expert in 3D measurement
You enjoy the cumulative experiences of our teams at sites throughout the world, whatever the problems of 3D measurement, in trades as diverse as sheet metal, foundry, plastics, machining, …

Training closer to your professional reality
Because your needs and constraints are unique, Metrologic Group creates or adapts to you content and learning materials that meet the specific needs of your business, its environment and the public to form. We will train you on ways including 3D measurement comparable to the ones you use every day.

Short courses
These short courses allow you to develop an operating profit in a short time (2 or 3 days) through the acquisition of methods, tools, exchange of best practices and testing group.

Training incorporating many practical
Many case studies and practical exercises are covered during these courses allow you a continuous validation of prior learning.

Training Off-site & On-site

Training on your site

Make this training a unifying event for your employees.

• A special time for your employees
By grouping around a common agenda several employees of your company, this in-company promotes the acquisition of language and common methods while enhancing the spirit of cohesion.

• A program that meets your specific expectations
This type of training can be built on so-called content standards or be subject to creation of programs tailored to meet your specific measurement issues.

This formula can also be broken down into our premises.


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Training 6

Training on our offices

Gain efficiency through an intensive learning and sharing.

By bringing together employees from different companies, these inter-company training contribute to the development of individuals, both on the field of technical competence than that of personal enrichment.

• An intensive learning
These courses contribute little time to develop new skills, develop best practices, approaches and tools that meet the needs of beginner, advanced or specialized in 3D measurement.

• Sharing experience with peers
This formula offers a great opportunity to share experience with students of different industries, to experiment with others, to build a network of peers with whom to share ideas and opportunities.

• Training at lower cost
The preparation time and adjustment programs of this formula is reduced. Which offers a competitive alternative to intra-company training in your premises.

Our goal is to provide our customer with hands-on instruction and expertise to operate, program and make the most out of their 3D measurement hardware and software. We provide tailored training sessions, onsite and offsite, as well as advanced dimensional metrology courses. Contact us to learn about upcoming courses in your area or learn about custom training we can develop for you.

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