Statistical analysis

Statistics shaping quality assurance

When speaking of end-to-end inspection workflow, analysis comes last, but it’s also the first step for assessing measurement processes and further improving quality control within industrial manufacturing. Statistical methods and data analysis apply on a daily basis in industrial quality assurance. Component manufacturers are not always able to meet quality requirements and standards.

When they occur, scrap and bad quality issues have a negative impact on manufacturing costs, process efficiency. Given that 100% quality control is not manageable in practice, statistical analysis makes the difference by evaluating production-relevant quality information and provide insightful response into the root of production issues. You gain exactly the right type of information from a huge data pool.

What cannot be measured, can not be improved.

Statistical analysis 1

Measurement results analysis drives sound understanding of root causes of manufacturing issues

Reliable and smart data for smooth and continuous end-to-end inspection workflow

Statistical analysis 2


Boost your quality assurance with the potential of sound and reliable statistical analysis provided with Metrolog X4:

  • Extensive reporting capabilities
  • Overview of production quality over time
  • Trend analysis
  • Valuable information in production
  • Appealing visualization possibilities
  • Compliance with ISO and ASME standards and guidelines
  • Software available in 19 languages

Tailor your report to your specific requirements

  • Extensive reporting capabilities allowing full and easy customization, combining graphical views, diagrams, captured images and tabular data sheets,
  • Automated report wizard for fast and detailed reports,
  • Dynamically linked reports for live updating of results,
  • Customizable type of output: assistant, status editor, direct export from the library, etc.,
  • Export available in many file formats such as .XLS, .CSV, .PDF…
  • Certified and proven algorithms, according to PTB and NIST standards

End-to-End 3D inspection workflow.
From input data to statistical analysis.