In-line metrology: Automated & Robotized Solutions

Ready for manufacturing automation?

Bring automation to an existing manual inspection process.
Integrate 3D measurements on the shop floor for better traceability.
Increase part inspection throughput and reduce cycle times and costs.

We provide industrial and evolved solutions

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Software solutions

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Tailor made configuration

Result-oriented bespoke projects

Metrologic Group is very focused on customer service and this is precisely the reason to be of our dedicated project team.

The past years, the use of robots within industrial quality inspection has changed the way of performing measurement and control process. It has revolutionized metrology in many ways (In-line inspections, reduced cycle time, flexibility) and has brought quality control to the next level.

However, it is not always so easy to find the best fit between the result you want to achieve and all the different existing technologies. This is why our experienced engineers driven by the same idea that every customer has a specific need will support you along the way and help you find and implement the solution dedicated to your very own application.

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First-class solutions that pay off

Many customers already trust our expertise for their applications. We have deployed our solutions in various fields such as Automotive, Aircraft industry, Aerospace etc…

At Metrologic Group, we are constantly integrating new technologies so that our customers can always benefit from the latest developments and the best existing solution on the market. We already master many measurement technologies such as Laser Radar, Laser scanners with different tracking systems, photogrammetry captors but also more conventional CMM machines.

Meet i-Robot technology

Advanced integrated robotic inspection fully driven by Metrolog X4.
Flexibility and productivity serving metrology in the production line. Easy to use solution, fully compatible with all scanner and robot brands.
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