Large scale metrology

One software fits all sizes

Highly accurate measurements are more and more demanded in a large variety of manufacturing areas that have traditionally bypassed the quality laboratory because they are quite simply too big to fit.

When speaking of large volume specimens, the most current examples that come to mind are aircrafts, trains and ships. The safety of these means of transport depends on the quality of the thousands of machined parts and assemblies that make their structure. They can be challenging to control directly on the shop floor because of their magnitude and complexity.

Some aircraft part inspections, like wing spars, require a CMM that can measure large dimensional complex geometries. The ribs of an aircraft’s wings and center wing box require a measurement system that can smartly accommodate their large proportions. Sub-assemblies like airframes or aircraft sections require a flexible and highly accurate measurement system that can be installed close to the production line to improve the manufacturing cycle time.


Large scale metrology 1

Whatever the measuring equipment, all these complex parts are all subject to high load, stresses, harsh environmental conditions and no compromise on quality is accepted. That is why, at Metrologic Group, we have been working for decades on the most reliable 3D inspection software.  A highly accurate dimensional measurement for oversize workpieces in all kinds of working conditions. We don’t just claim it. We do it!

Dive into a whole new level of performance and precision with Metrolog X4. The perfect-match for the most ambitious and heavy-duty projects

Large scale metrology 2
Most current challenges in large scale Metrology
  • Oversize parts within the largest measuring range
  • Large measurement volumes with tight tolerances
  • Challenging incident angles
  • Complex geometries
  • Harshest of conditions on the factory floor
  • Difficult-to-reach or inaccessible features inside and outside

Only a comprehensive software solution like Metrolog can help address these shortcomings and make your measuring equipment perform better.

Metrolog X4 for large scale quality control

Experience first-hand the potential of highly precise quality control for large volumes with Metrolog X4.

  • Fully compatible with all available 3D measuring equipment for large scale inspection. Interfaces with all brands, all models (large-size CMMs, laser trackers, laser radars & mobile optical systems)
  • All common CAD exchange and native formats are supported, including CATIA
  • Extraordinary ease of operation and maximum performance granted by years of programming experience with 64-bit operating systems. Metrolog X4 software architecture uses all available memory and optimization, always pushing the envelope to achieve the best data quality.
  • Not only does the architecture enable ease of use, but also the import and processing of large CAD files and heavy point clouds. High volume 3D point cloud data is processed without decimation.
  • The multi-connection mode provides the ability to network instruments together to get the best accuracy, bundling several instrument locations.
  • Measurement uncertainty calculation due to instruments, temperature variations…
  • Tracking and management of raw data
  • Flush and gap inspection
  • Remote control allows real-time measurement data visualization where it is needed and remote control of measuring instruments from any portable device free of charge (smartphone, tablet, PC…).
Large scale metrology 3
Large scale metrology 4

Large measurement volumes with tight tolerances, hard to reach features, challenging incident angles, harshest conditions… Metrolog X4, the universal 3D metrology software, addresses these challenges