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Our 3D inspection software, Metrolog, is by far the most comprehensive fully featured software able to run on all existent Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM) on the market. CMM have been the mainstay of measurement in the metal cutting, forming and plastic molding industries since decades. Precision components of watches to sheet metal casing of domestic appliances are inspected with CMM. These machines are used in metrology institutes and calibration laboratories as well as a variety of industrial applications. Ultra-high accuracy CMMs are used in areas such as automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering and wherever special geometries must be measured with the utmost precision.

The introduction of innovations and new technologies are constantly changing the industrial landscape, transforming the way we see and perform three-dimensional quality control. Despite new sensor technologies free of the CMM frame, professionals face numerous challenges: there are extra layers of potential measurement uncertainty, tolerances are becoming tighter, advanced manufacturing requires a much better operator understanding of CMM strategies. Some talk about more affordable alternatives, but is the alternative where high accuracy is a prerequisite?

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Discover how our CMM-based solutions support  manufacturing and Quality control within the industry

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Transform your CMM into a valuable asset

CMMs are popular for their unique ability to measure tight tolerances with a high level of accuracy. However, despite being the most accurate metrology equipment, CMM can be also source of 3D metrology bottleneck issues. Let us explain why.

  • First, CMM is fixed laboratory equipment adapted to certain sizes of parts. It is also better suited for rather delicate inspections, complex geometries or high-tolerance features.
  • It is a highly complex metrology instrument requiring highly skilled and experienced operators.
  • Conventional common CMM are not well rated for their throughput, but latest CMM models can please mass production manufacturers seeking reduced measuring cycle times for improved production performance.
  • The built-in software provided by the CMM manufacturers usually allows basic measuring routines with very limited capabilities.
  • Besides this, CMM are sensitive to environmental parameters influencing results consistency and repeatability (temperature, floor vibration).
  • Finally yet importantly, CMM require regular maintenance and calibration, and in order to obtain customer approval for manufactured parts, a calibration certificate, among others, is mandatory to guarantee compliant quality control.


Many scenarios. One single solution: Metrolog

That being said, how can Metrologic Group help you overcome these challenges?

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Purchase of a new CMM

You are in a process of selecting a new CMM that fits best or better to your requirements, we know it is not an easy task. This implies some thinking and research, but you do not have to do it alone. Together with leading equipment manufacturers who are sustainable partners, Metrologic Group can provide most common brands of CMM – equipped with Metrolog and Silma!

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Improvement of CMM capacity

You have already a great CMM, but you would like to modernize it and restore its full performance, our experts can advise. A retrofit or a software upgrade can be a cost-effective way to increase CMM capacity. You can also add CMM 5-axis programming capabilities. CMMs are built to last, we can help you refresh the system!

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Metrolog user already

Your CMM works fine with Metrolog, but some errors still occur, let us discuss about it. Besides need for calibration or environmental issues, operators can also induce errors. If you are concerned about the skills of your programmers and operators, Metrologic Group offers hands-on training, not which button to press but the how to grow skills on a solid 3D metrology foundation.

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Need a tailor made solution?

Share with us your story, if your products and processes are unique and you are looking for a customized software development. We are glad to provide the best support and expertise. A 100%-fit for your specific requirements. Just drop us a line and we will help you solve the problem!

Many scenarios. One solution: Metrolog!

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Comprehensive software

The most extensive toolbox for advanced 3D measurement inspection. Metrolog is the standard in automotive and aerospace industry.

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Customizable interface

Enhanced graphical interface to match operator requirements, machine and part types.

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Outstanding computing capacity

Maximum performance for heavy CAD files or point cloud processing. The same applies for handling the most complex geometric and dimensional tolerances.

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Easy to use

Advanced capabilities and computing power do not have necessarily to be difficult to access. Do you still doubt that Metrolog is intuitive and user-friendly?  Test it first and let us know what you think.

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One stop shop solution

for a heterogeneous park of machines. Several CMMs – one universal software to share data among machines and among members of the metrology team.

Why not try offline programming? 

Give your CMM a new dimension with Silma! No downtime, smart and quick CMM path generation, program simulation, collision detection and automatic avoidance and a whole universe of further measuring capabilities… Our offline programming software solution complements Metrolog for online execution. Just imagine efficient and safe part inspection program, error- and collision-free, prepared offline while your equipment is up and running!