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A comprehensive suite

Our portfolio is comprised of 3D metrology software, value added applications, simulation software creating virtual twins of 3D control environment, and dedicated software solution for robotic inspection, suitable for all industrial robots.

Our software suite supports all your industrial manufacturing 3D measurement processes, from measurement planning by the design and manufacturing teams, to the measurement execution by the quality control team, and the enterprise wide sharing of 3D measurement data and results.

Our entire software suite comprises a CATIA® V5 embedded version, compatible with the world’s engineering and design leading software for 3D CAD product design. Besides addressing the most rigorous design and engineering requirements, advanced 3D measurement capabilities of Metrolog & Silma paired with Dassault Systèmes CATIA® V5, deliver continuity, an end-to-end solution across all processes.

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Universal 3D metrology software platform
Tackle measurement challenges and build the most reliable quality inspection

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Metrolog X4

The universal 3D metrology software reference for quality assurance and dimensional analysis powers all existent conventional and portable metrology equipment. Detect and prevent manufacturing and assembly issues with 3D measurement you can trust.

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Metrolog X4 V5 Embedded

Gain a competitive edge with a seamless workflow from design, engineering, manufacturing to quality control, in CATIA® V5 environment, powered by Dassault Systèmes, 3DS. Based on V5 architecture, Metrolog X4V5 is fully compatible to CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA V5 solutions.

3D Simulation and offline programming software

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Silma X4

Silma is the first 3D metrology software enabling complete intuitive offline program creation and simulation. Simulate the measurement workflow and detect collisions using a digital twin – the virtual representation of your real-life CMM environment.

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Silma X4 V5 Embedded

Offline programming and advanced simulation tool totally in line with CATIA® V5 environment, powered by Dassault Systèmes, 3DS. Based on V5 architecture, Silma X4 V5 is fully compatible to CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA V5 solutions.

Universal Robotic Inspection for quality control

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Metrolog X4 i-Robot

Suitable for all industrial robots, Metrolog i-Robot provides a production metrology solution accurate, reliable and flexible. Based on a high-speed acquisition laser scanner attached to a multi-axes robot wrist, it handles directly robot motions and inspection commands in one single part program. The entire inspection process, including scanning, analyzing, and reporting is completely automated within minutes.

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Silma X4 i-Robot

Many claim they can offer simulation, import objects and build digital twin systems, but fail when it comes to simulating the true functioning of both robot and measuring devices. That’s where Silma makes all the difference. It handles both robot and inspection commands in one single-part program. Colision-free technology designed for measuring robots directly on, or just beside the production line. 

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Value added solutions

Additional smart apps for your daily measurement work to maximize your productivity.

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Expert functions

Turnkey solutions for dedicated areas of inspection. Dedicated modules for extended capabilities.

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Education offer

Metrologic Group offers special education pricing, benefit from the best universal inspection tools.