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A com­pre­hen­sive suite

Our port­fo­lio is com­prised of 3D metrol­ogy soft­ware, value added appli­ca­tions, sim­u­la­tion soft­ware cre­at­ing vir­tual twins of 3D con­trol envi­ron­ment, and ded­i­cated soft­ware solu­tion for robotic inspec­tion, suit­able for all indus­trial robots.

Our soft­ware suite sup­ports all your indus­trial man­u­fac­tur­ing 3D mea­sure­ment processes, from mea­sure­ment plan­ning by the design and man­u­fac­tur­ing teams, to the mea­sure­ment exe­cu­tion by the qual­ity con­trol team, and the enter­prise wide shar­ing of 3D mea­sure­ment data and results.

Our entire soft­ware suite com­prises a CATIA® V5 embed­ded ver­sion, com­pat­i­ble with the world’s engi­neer­ing and design lead­ing soft­ware for 3D CAD prod­uct design. Besides address­ing the most rig­or­ous design and engi­neer­ing require­ments, advanced 3D mea­sure­ment capa­bil­i­ties of Metrolog & Silma paired with Dassault Systèmes CATIA® V5, deliver con­ti­nu­ity, an end-​to-​end solu­tion across all processes.

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Universal 3D metrol­ogy soft­ware plat­form
Tackle mea­sure­ment chal­lenges and build the most reli­able qual­ity inspection

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Metrolog X4

The uni­ver­sal 3D metrol­ogy soft­ware ref­er­ence for qual­ity assur­ance and dimen­sional analy­sis pow­ers all exis­tent con­ven­tional and portable metrol­ogy equip­ment. Detect and pre­vent man­u­fac­tur­ing and assem­bly issues with 3D mea­sure­ment you can trust.

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Metrolog X4 V5 Embedded

Gain a com­pet­i­tive edge with a seam­less work­flow from design, engi­neer­ing, man­u­fac­tur­ing to qual­ity con­trol, in CATIA® V5 envi­ron­ment, pow­ered by Dassault Systèmes, 3DS. Based on V5 archi­tec­ture, Metrolog X4V5 is fully com­pat­i­ble to CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA V5 solutions.

3D Simulation and offline pro­gram­ming software

Products overview 5

Silma X4

Silma is the first 3D metrol­ogy soft­ware enabling com­plete intu­itive offline pro­gram cre­ation and sim­u­la­tion. Simulate the mea­sure­ment work­flow and detect col­li­sions using a dig­i­tal twin – the vir­tual rep­re­sen­ta­tion of your real-​life CMM environment.

Products overview 6

Silma X4 V5 Embedded

Offline pro­gram­ming and advanced sim­u­la­tion tool totally in line with CATIA® V5 envi­ron­ment, pow­ered by Dassault Systèmes, 3DS. Based on V5 archi­tec­ture, Silma X4 V5 is fully com­pat­i­ble to CATIA, ENOVIA and DELMIA V5 solutions.

Universal Robotic Inspection for qual­ity control

Products overview 7

Metrolog X4 i‑Robot

Suitable for all indus­trial robots, Metrolog i‑Robot pro­vides a pro­duc­tion metrol­ogy solu­tion accu­rate, reli­able and flex­i­ble. Based on a high-​speed acqui­si­tion laser scan­ner attached to a multi-​axes robot wrist, it han­dles directly robot motions and inspec­tion com­mands in one sin­gle part pro­gram. The entire inspec­tion process, includ­ing scan­ning, ana­lyz­ing, and report­ing is com­pletely auto­mated within minutes.

Products overview 8

Silma X4 i‑Robot

Many claim they can offer sim­u­la­tion, import objects and build dig­i­tal twin sys­tems, but fail when it comes to sim­u­lat­ing the true func­tion­ing of both robot and mea­sur­ing devices. That’s where Silma makes all the dif­fer­ence. It han­dles both robot and inspec­tion com­mands in one single-​part pro­gram. Colision-​free tech­nol­ogy designed for mea­sur­ing robots directly on, or just beside the pro­duc­tion line. 


Products overview 9

Metrolog EVO


Metrolog EVO is the easy-​to-​use, portable mea­sur­ing device ori­ented 3D metrol­ogy soft­ware espe­cially suited for portable inspec­tion devices.

Built on the rrenowned X4 archi­tec­ture, we have inte­grated a sim­pli­fied oper­a­tor ori­ented inter­face to unleash the power of Metrolog EVO.

Metrolog EVO addresses all the advanced capa­bil­i­ties you need to sat­isfy your day-​to-​day Geometric and Free Form mea­sure­ment analy­sis requirements

Products overview 10

Value added solutions

Additional smart apps for your daily mea­sure­ment work to max­i­mize your productivity.

Products overview 11

Expert functions

Turnkey solu­tions for ded­i­cated areas of inspec­tion. Dedicated mod­ules for extended capabilities.

Products overview 12

Education offer

Metrologic Group offers spe­cial edu­ca­tion pric­ing, ben­e­fit from the best uni­ver­sal inspec­tion tools.



Updated Thursday April 9th, 2020


In these times of change, we need to be proactive and adapt to a world that will be different.  Not only does this apply to us as a technological company but most importantly to our customers who will grow different set of expectations. More than ever, time has come to step up to evolving market demands: we are committed to implementing radical changes to support our end-users. Starting today.


Updated Tuesday March 17th, 2020


At Metrologic Group, safety is our number one priority. We are committed to providing you with the best possible customer experience while protecting our staff. As of Tuesday March 17th noon France is in partial lockdown and we will be applying government mandatory measures.  All of our team is able to operate and work remotely in secured locations.

Preventing the further spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility for us all.

We are monitoring and enforcing all guidelines set out by local governments in the countries in which we operate, whether related to local requirements, general hygiene or to travel restrictions.

During this time, we are doing our best to maintain 100% of our technical support services by phone, email or remote assistance.  If you have any technical problems using our solution or need simple assistance, you can contact us normally through the usual channels and locally available phone numbers:


  • • Technical Support: hotline [at]  (replace [at] by @)
  • • Find and contact your local support
  • • Technical Support for France Hotline Direct Access Number: +33-476-043-033
  • • Or locate your nearest Subsidiary/resseller for local support.
  • • General or Commercial Inquiries: +33-476-043-030
  • • Extranet Link


Trainings, on-site assistance and business trips are cancelled until further notice.

However, our team of experts is available to perform virtual/remote training to support your needs:  contact your local focal to learn more on how we have adpated to the situation to keep providing training on our full range of software solutions.

We will continue to keep you informed as we go along and we invite you to regularly consult this page for the latest information.


Thank you and stay safe,

The Metrologic Group Team

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