Universal 3D Metrology

Why uni­ver­sal?

Many com­pa­nies select the mea­sur­ing device first, with­out wor­ry­ing about the soft­ware solu­tion and its capa­bil­i­ties. Over time, they acquire dif­fer­ent 3D mea­sur­ing machine brands and types, poten­tially cre­at­ing a com­plex soft­ware instal­la­tion on the dif­fer­ent machines.

Why mul­ti­ply the soft­ware solu­tions and recre­ate the same pro­gram on a dif­fer­ent soft­ware for each brand or type of mea­sur­ing device? Why set­tle for any­thing less than a soft­ware that is key to the suc­cess of your prod­ucts and your com­pany: advanced, pow­er­ful, com­pre­hen­sive, scal­able, effi­cient but still easy-​to-​use and com­pat­i­ble with any CAD or equipment?

We have the answer: the most uni­ver­sal 3D inspec­tion soft­ware, able to con­nect directly to over 100 dif­fer­ent types of mea­sur­ing machines and brands, with exten­sive capa­bil­i­ties. We do not con­sider only the mea­sur­ing equip­ment; we con­sider the mea­sur­ing sys­tem as a whole.

Universal 3D Metrology 1

Use the same pro­gram on all your mea­sur­ing devices, inde­pen­dently of brand AND applications.

Universal 3D Metrology 2

First-​class solution

Our first-​class solu­tion is avail­able as a sim­ple retro­fit or an upgrade for your exist­ing devices, with­out chang­ing any of the hard­ware com­po­nents. It will also work for new devices you may acquire.

Not only you will upgrade the way you per­form 3D metrol­ogy, but also make the most of your inspec­tion analy­sis and report­ing with a poten­tial full inte­gra­tion into your dig­i­tal chain.

In addi­tion, you are also cut­ting cost for staff train­ing. With our uni­ver­sal soft­ware, you are fully com­pat­i­ble with all mea­sur­ing devices and appli­ca­tions, with no need for mul­ti­ple train­ing pro­grams on dif­fer­ent solutions.

Universal 3D Metrology 3

Think global

Improved through­put, cost-efficiency:

  • Optimize and reduce acqui­si­tion and work­ing cost of your installation.
  • Make your mea­sur­ing sys­tems work with­out interruption.

Unique one-​stop-​shop for all your 3D mea­sure­ment needs:

  • Compatible with all 3D mea­sur­ing devices what­ever the brand.
  • Adapted to any kind of appli­ca­tion, to all type of parts and mea­sure­ments at all stages of the production.
  • Proximity: a world­wide net­work of experts with a local response.
  • Reactivity: ded­i­cated team to answer your demands in the short­est time.
Universal 3D Metrology 4

Think per­for­mance

Enhanced pro­duc­tiv­ity, cost optimisation:

  • Increase pro­duc­tiv­ity and reduce costs.
  • Improve the coor­di­na­tion between dif­fer­ent stake­hold­ers through­out the value chain.
  • Easy-​to-​use solu­tions: quick instal­la­tion, fast-​track train­ing, user-​friendly interface.

Robust tools for pro­gram­ming and analy­sis:

  • Faster mea­sur­ing cycles.
  • Automation of the whole mea­sure­ment process.
  • Powerful sta­tis­ti­cal analy­sis pro­vid­ing bet­ter results into man­u­fac­tur­ing control.
Universal 3D Metrology 5

Think secure

Expert back­ground

Present in the 3D metrol­ogy mar­ket for 40 years now, our solu­tions are rec­og­nized, cer­ti­fied 3D inspec­tion soft­ware by PTB and NIST and adopted by lead­ing blue chip com­pa­nies in auto­mo­tive, aero­space, power gen­er­a­tion, watch­mak­ing, and so many more.

Partner back-​up

We are proud to part­ner and share a com­mon vision of enhanced per­for­mance and pro­duc­tiv­ity with key play­ers in 3D metrol­ogy: Hexagon, Creaform, Faro, Nikon, Wenzel, Kreon, Renishaw and more.

Signed agree­ments with major actors in 3D Inspection soft­ware and from PLM (3D mea­sur­ing sys­tem man­u­fac­turer and Dassault Systemes ‘Gold Partner’).

Scalable solu­tions

Not only our soft­ware solu­tions can meet the chal­lenges of any appli­ca­tion, they are also scal­able, thus pre­pared for future evolution :

  • Flexible solu­tions: the mod­u­lar con­cept of our 3D inspec­tion soft­ware solu­tion fits per­fectly any appli­ca­tion and can be upgraded to answer future needs.
  • Always up-​to-​date: a new ver­sion is released every 6 months to allow you to use the lat­est tech­nolo­gies and stan­dards in mea­sur­ing devices.


We con­sider the mea­sure­ment sys­tem as a whole, not only the 3D mea­sur­ing device. We con­sider the park of equip­ment and not only each equip­ment individually.

Example of a machining workshop


Before — Your sce­nario exist­ing configuration:

  • Important het­ero­ge­neous devices park with dif­fer­ent part types to measure
  • Several soft­ware solu­tions available
  • Need for faster mea­sure­ment cycle and optimization

After — Our value-​added proposal:

  • One-​off accu­rate measurements
  • Training on sin­gle soft­ware solution
  • Multi device oper­a­tors team
  • Unique type of Metrolog/​Silma programs



Updated Thursday April 9th, 2020


In these times of change, we need to be proactive and adapt to a world that will be different.  Not only does this apply to us as a technological company but most importantly to our customers who will grow different set of expectations. More than ever, time has come to step up to evolving market demands: we are committed to implementing radical changes to support our end-users. Starting today.


Updated Tuesday March 17th, 2020


At Metrologic Group, safety is our number one priority. We are committed to providing you with the best possible customer experience while protecting our staff. As of Tuesday March 17th noon France is in partial lockdown and we will be applying government mandatory measures.  All of our team is able to operate and work remotely in secured locations.

Preventing the further spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility for us all.

We are monitoring and enforcing all guidelines set out by local governments in the countries in which we operate, whether related to local requirements, general hygiene or to travel restrictions.

During this time, we are doing our best to maintain 100% of our technical support services by phone, email or remote assistance.  If you have any technical problems using our solution or need simple assistance, you can contact us normally through the usual channels and locally available phone numbers:


  • • Technical Support: hotline [at] metrologic.fr  (replace [at] by @)
  • • Find and contact your local support
  • • Technical Support for France Hotline Direct Access Number: +33-476-043-033
  • • Or locate your nearest Subsidiary/resseller for local support.
  • • General or Commercial Inquiries: +33-476-043-030
  • • Extranet Link


Trainings, on-site assistance and business trips are cancelled until further notice.

However, our team of experts is available to perform virtual/remote training to support your needs:  contact your local focal to learn more on how we have adpated to the situation to keep providing training on our full range of software solutions.

We will continue to keep you informed as we go along and we invite you to regularly consult this page for the latest information.


Thank you and stay safe,

The Metrologic Group Team

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