Universal 3D Metrology

Why universal?

Many companies select the measuring device first, without worrying about the software solution and its capabilities. Over time, they acquire different 3D measuring machine brands and types, potentially creating a complex software installation on the different machines.

Why multiply the software solutions and recreate the same program on a different software for each brand or type of measuring device? Why settle for anything less than a software that is key to the success of your products and your company: advanced, powerful, comprehensive, scalable, efficient but still easy-to-use and compatible with any CAD or equipment?

We have the answer: the most universal 3D inspection software, able to connect directly to over 100 different types of measuring machines and brands, with extensive capabilities. We do not consider only the measuring equipment; we consider the measuring system as a whole.

Universal 3D Metrology 1

Use the same program on all your measuring devices, independently of brand AND applications.

Universal 3D Metrology 2

First-class solution

Our first-class solution is available as a simple retrofit or an upgrade for your existing devices, without changing any of the hardware components. It will also work for new devices you may acquire.

Not only you will upgrade the way you perform 3D metrology, but also make the most of your inspection analysis and reporting with a potential full integration into your digital chain.

In addition, you are also cutting cost for staff training. With our universal software, you are fully compatible with all measuring devices and applications, with no need for multiple training programs on different solutions.

Universal 3D Metrology 3

Think global

Improved throughput, cost-efficiency:

  • Optimize and reduce acquisition and working cost of your installation.
  • Make your measuring systems work without interruption.

Unique one-stop-shop for all your 3D measurement needs:

  • Compatible with all 3D measuring devices whatever the brand.
  • Adapted to any kind of application, to all type of parts and measurements at all stages of the production.
  • Proximity: a worldwide network of experts with a local response.
  • Reactivity: dedicated team to answer your demands in the shortest time.
Universal 3D Metrology 4

Think performance

Enhanced productivity, cost optimisation:

  • Increase productivity and reduce costs.
  • Improve the coordination between different stakeholders throughout the value chain.
  • Easy-to-use solutions: quick installation, fast-track training, user-friendly interface.

Robust tools for programming and analysis:

  • Faster measuring cycles.
  • Automation of the whole measurement process.
  • Powerful statistical analysis providing better results into manufacturing control.
Universal 3D Metrology 5

Think secure

Expert background

Present in the 3D metrology market for 40 years now, our solutions are recognized, certified 3D inspection software by PTB and NIST and adopted by leading blue chip companies in automotive, aerospace, power generation, watchmaking, and so many more.

Partner back-up

We are proud to partner and share a common vision of enhanced performance and productivity with key players in 3D metrology: Hexagon, Creaform, Faro, Nikon, Wenzel, Kreon, Renishaw and more.

Signed agreements with major actors in 3D Inspection software and from PLM (3D measuring system manufacturer and Dassault Systemes ‘Gold Partner’).

Scalable solutions

Not only our software solutions can meet the challenges of any application, they are also scalable, thus prepared for future evolution :

  • Flexible solutions: the modular concept of our 3D inspection software solution fits perfectly any application and can be upgraded to answer future needs.
  • Always up-to-date: a new version is released every 6 months to allow you to use the latest technologies and standards in measuring devices.


We consider the measurement system as a whole, not only the 3D measuring device. We consider the park of equipment and not only each equipment individually.

Example of a machining workshop


Before – Your scenario existing configuration:

  • Important heterogeneous devices park with different part types to measure
  • Several software solutions available
  • Need for faster measurement cycle and optimization

After – Our value-added proposal:

  • One-off accurate measurements
  • Training on single software solution
  • Multi device operators team
  • Unique type of Metrolog/Silma programs