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Academy Licence

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The Academy pack is specially conceived for teaching 3D metrology:

    • Software known for its ease of use and ergonomics.
    • Industry-standard solutions for treating geometric tolerances and interpreting the results.
    • The most-used software in cutting-edge industry: automotive, aeronautics, energy, medical, etc.
    • A global learning solution.

Metrologic Group offers a pack of software solutions integrating:

    • Metrolog X4, the universal solution connected to the measurement instruments
    • Silma X4, the simulation solution for learning without measurement instruments
    • A reactive technical support

Exploit the technologies of the future (online means, CMM, arm, laser tracker, robot, optical sensors, augmented reality, etc.) to immerse your students in the industry of tomorrow.

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Universal and compatible with the main measurement instruments

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Graphical user-friendly interface for optimal learning

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Licenses connected to measurement instruments or in simulation mode

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Geometrical Tolerances calculation engine that follows ISO and ASME norms

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Update and technical support adapted to education

Licence academy 9

Learning with high-performance and recognized solutions

Benefit from a global educational solution

Metrolog X4

The best universal 3D metrology software

  • Interfaces with the main measurement instruments on the market
  • Maximum performance for point cloud processing
  • High performance for processing large volumes of data
  • Supports measurement instruments from large to small
  • The most robust engine for processing geometric and dimensional tolerances
  • Advanced programing module
  • A customizable report editor

Silma X4

Powerful and innovative inspection-simulation solution

  • Offline programming solution for your measurement means, allowing the creation and simulation of measurement programs.
  • Definition of the complete measuring-cell environment
  • Assisted or automated generation of measurement trajectories
  • Transfer of programs to measurement means for execution
  • Support for advanced business functions

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Discover our universal 3D metrology software platform

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Metrologic Group integrates an innovative approach with the development of universal 3D measurement solutions that meet the challenges of the industry of the future—more connected, more intelligent, more autonomous, and more digitized.

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Get our technical experts support

40 years of experience in metrology to help you configure and parameter your X4 software.
All the benefits of our maintenance contract:

  • Software updates
  • All CAD files supported & All device connectivity
  • Technical support & Extranet access
  • Contact with R&D
  • and much more…