Technical support 

We don’t settle for anything else but top-notch customer service. We understand the importance of providing our customers the right tools to succeed in 3D metrology, that is why we provide an extensive range of customer care services.

Self-service portal  

We encourage our customers to get into the habit of self-service through our knowledge base where they can quickly search for answers to frequently asked questions. Sometimes great service means getting out of the customer’s way, and giving them the tools they need to handle situations by themselves. Visit the Extranet website.

Hotline support 

Visit our technical support applications to open a ticket. Our support team will take analyze your request in short time.

Our highly-skilled support team is always there to support and take control of your software remotely for complex situations, if necessary, but also for emergency phone calls. We do our best to deliver consistent service and technical support by both Metrologic Group experts and within our sales network worldwide in the shortest time. Locate your nearest contact.

Software Maintenance

We regularly release software improvements in addition to version updates twice a year. We make sure to develop new features requested by our customers, but also go the extra mile and develop the game-changing capabilities for the 3D metrology of tomorrow. In addition, we support customers to keep 3D inspection software systems running effectively in peak conditions.

Certification and Calibration

Thanks to our extensive coordinate measuring machines (CMM) calibration background, we offer regular certification and calibration services to guarantee the highest levels of system accuracy and repeatability. Visit the dedicated page.

System Upgrade & Retrofit

Our motto is “Don’t change your measuring device. Simply change the way it works.” You can, in most of the cases, transform an outdated equipment in a cost-effective way by counteracting machine obsolescence and restoring its full performance. Learn more about our retrofit solutions.

3D Measurement System Integration

Our team of metrology experts and engineers can provide technical advice to help our customers integrate 3D measurement technologies into a production environment. Be it operator-driven 3D measurement devices to measure and analyze parts at a specific step of your manufacturing process, the upgrade of an existent measuring during system or the implementation of an automated robotic quality control, we have the solutions and expertise to support you regarding the inherent technical challenges. Go to Automation projects page.


Our goal is to provide our customer with hands-on instruction and expertise to operate, program and make the most out of their 3D measurement hardware and software. We provide tailored training sessions, onsite and offsite, as well as advanced dimensional metrology courses. Contact us to learn about upcoming courses in your area or learn about custom training we can develop for you. Visit the Training page.

First Article Inspection (FAI) 

Count on us to help you program and perform well-defined first article inspection programs for proper start-up of dimensional control for new parts and assemblies. A fair first article inspection can save your whole production from disaster.

Dimensional control outsourcing 

A professional solution to production overload or unique measuring applications. 


Metrologic Group S.A.S France

Headquarters & World Development Center
6 Chemin du Vieux Chêne
Inovallée – 38240 Meylan – FRANCE
Ph: +33 (0) 476 043 030

Hotline: connect to our Technical Support Platform

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Metrologic Group Services Inc. USA

North American Innovation Center
28064 Center Oaks Court
Wixom, MI 48393
 – USA
Ph: +1 (248) 504-6200

Hotline: connect to our Technical Support Platform

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Metrologic Group GmbH

German Innovation Center
Siemensstr. 22,
D-73066 Uhingen
Fon: +49 (0)7161 / 96587-66

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Metrologic Group Spain

Spanish Innovation Center
C/ Zuazobidea, 34
Polígono Industrial Jundiz
01015 Vitoria – SPAIN
Ph: +34 945 291 089

Hotline: connect to our Technical Support Platform

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Metrologic Group Italia

Italian Innovation Center
Corso Unione Sovietica 612 / 3 / D 
Ph: +39 011.3989740

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Metrologic Group China

Room 809, Build. B, 329 Tian Yao Qiao Rd
Gateway International Plaza, Shanghai
Postcode: 200030 – CHINA
Ph: (86-21) 2419 3258

Hotline: connect to our Technical Support Platform

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Metrologic Group do Brasil

Rua Pasteur 463 13º andar, Água Verde,
Curitiba – PR CEP 80.250-104 – BRAZIL
Ph: +55 (41) 2101-1790

Hotline email: connect to our Technical Support Platform

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Please visit our Technical Support Platform to open a ticket or contact your nearest distributor.
Our support team will take analyze your request in short time.

One single point of contact for planning, set-up, training and support.

INDEX 2023 - Egalité professionnelle femmes-hommes

(au titre des données 2022)

1 - écart de remuneration 39/40
2 - écarts d'augmentations individuelles 35/35
3 - pourcentage de salariés augmentés au retour d'un congé maternité Incalculable
4 - nombre de salariés du sexe sous-représenté parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations 0/10
Total des indicateurs calculables 74/85

INDEX (sur 100 points)

87 %

Le total des indicateurs calculables est ramené sur 100 points en appliquant la règle de la proportionnalité.