How to cover the entire 3D inspection workflow and improve productivity at Control 2022

Metrologic Group will be present at the 34th Control international trade fair for quality assurance from the 3rd through the 6th of May, 2022 at Messe Stuttgart.

Universal & powerful 3D metrology software to take off towards the smart factory 1

Visitors will have the opportunity to discover the cutting-edge developments and the latest innovations of Metrologic Group at the event. With more than 40 years of expertise in the field, the company is a leading expert in 3D metrology software.

Perfectly integrated into the digital quality control workflow, the Metrologic Group universal end-to-end solution improves all stages of manufacturing processes with four distinct steps: prepare, program, execute and manage.

“Metrologic Group is exclusively focused on providing fully integrated metrology solutions to customers allowing them to manufacture 100% good parts. Metrologic’s 40 years of experience and track record of bringing new technologies to market, through their integration into our Metrolog X4 Universal Metrology Platform, allows us to deliver next generation metrology solutions. We deliver what we call ‘End-to-End Metrology Solutions’ which encompass all aspects of the metrology process from planning through virtual programming to on-machine measurement execution and measured data management”. says Bertrand Gili, CEO.


Universal & powerful 3D metrology software to take off towards the smart factory 2


Why simulation is so important for building your quality inspection?

With its dedicated offline analysis and virtual programming software Silma X4, Metrologic Group allows a better throughput, a better efficiency and a faster programming. Silma X4 is an unparalleled complete virtual programming software solution. The integration of all the real-world environment components into the virtual world gives the user an endless range of tools to create, simulate and validate offline part programs.

As an intelligent program that improves productivity, Silma X4 and its Path Planning module meet the needs to simplify, streamline and optimize inspection processes. The Silma X4 Inspection Path Planning module significantly improves productivity by reducing programming time by up to 60%, and guarantees robust and reliable program creations with zero crashes.

Metrologic Group demonstrates at Control how its offline programming software solution complements Metrolog X4 for an efficient and safe part inspection program, error and collision-free, prepared offline while the measuring equipment can be kept to measure real parts.


Universal & powerful 3D metrology software to take off towards the smart factory 3


How to transform outdated equipment into a valuable asset with retrofit?

In most cases, the CMMs rarely wear to the point where these actually need replacement: a CMM may be providing inaccurate measurements, but this does not necessarily mean the machine has broken down.

Retrofitting the CMMs is a real cost-efficient solution. Replacing parts provides a quick and easy solution to a fully functioning measurement machine as it enhances performance and get quicker results. Indeed, it extends the life of the CMM and cut the risk of downtime, provides reliable and accurate measurements, becomes easy to use and ensures cost-effectiveness.

An upgrade or retrofit can help organizations drive manufacturing productivity and streamline the 3D metrology process by restoring the full performance of the CMM.

Metrologic Group shows on its booth how the ME5011 DCC controller can help improve reliability and add capabilities on the measuring tools.


Universal & powerful 3D metrology software to take off towards the smart factory 4


How to improve CMM productivity in an easier way thanks to the 5-axis technology driven by X4 platform?

There are growing demands within the manufacturing industry to increase productivity and efficiency levels at faster paces.

Metrologic Group in collaboration with Renishaw deliver a unique and impactful way of improving CMM productivity, using 5-axis measurement technology – Renishaw’s PH20 and REVO® systems integrated with Metrolog X4 and Silma X4 software solutions.

With its software solutions fully integrated with complex 5-axis technology, Metrologic Group allows users to enjoy all the advantages of 5-axis technology, but in an extremely simple and accessible way.

On the Metrologic Group booth, visitors will be able to discover how to minimize dynamic errors and increase productivity at ultra-high measuring speeds with easy-to-use software for the operator, combined with 5-axis technology.

This solution is more than a game changer: with a perfect 5-axis management, not only you save time, but you get much more details that will enable in depth dimensional and GD&T analysis.

With an easy access to features at any angle, Renishaw heads’ infinite positioning capability guarantees optimal feature access, minimizing stylus changes, as well as a much faster head and probe calibration.

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Universal & powerful 3D metrology software to take off towards the smart factory 5


Robotic inspection on the shop floor – the 3D measurement process simply moved from laboratory directly to production line

Productive, efficient, flexible, cost-effective… etc. Manufacturing robots present so many advantages, that they are continuously deployed at a large scale.

One of the many challenges answered by Metrologic Group is to bring 3D metrology into the manufacturing flow, inline or just beside the production line.

That means designing powerful, tolerant and flexible 4.0 software packages, able to work in harsh environment; that are compatible with many equipment enabling fast measurement technologies; and generate data that can easily be integrated in the workflow.

In this solution, not only does Metrolog X4 i-Robot improve accuracy, but also integrate laser sensors and touch systems. One single software controls the robot and makes the most out of the inspection sensors for a unique end-user experience.

Already approved and adopted by many major players in the automotive industry, robotic measurements, fully driven by the X4 i-Robot software, has reduced its measurement cycle time by up to 7 times.

This advanced and revolutionary technology will be shown at the Metrologic Group booth.


Universal & powerful 3D metrology software to take off towards the smart factory 6


X4 i-Holo: mixing real and virtual 3D inspection – now available with Microsoft HoloLens 2

Released in 2018, X4 i-Holo offers an immersive experience which mixed reality inspection thanks to the Microsoft™ HoloLens™ 2 and the X4 i-Holo application from Metrologic Group.

X4 i-Holo provides an easy-to-use and simple collaborative tool (voice commands, gesture) with an interactive human interface.

Metrolog X4 sends the data to the HoloLens 2 in real-time, which allows for immediate and on location detection of major defects and quick response planning for a collaborative manufacturing or engineering review of the real part.

Two distinct scenarios are addressed by X4 i-Holo.

First, the probing assistance as with the use of an arm or a laser tracker, X4 i-Holo assists the user by displaying measurement instructions, digital readout, counter and measurement guides (especially when using the Build & Inspect tools), as well as results.

Then, the results analysis, just look at the feature to display its related sticker, as well as superimpose Color Mapping on the real part to observe deviations at a glance in real time, or for review collaborative meetings.

X4 i-Holo may be used from manual measurement with operator guidance, to reporting with results analysis in real-time over the measured part.


Universal & powerful 3D metrology software to take off towards the smart factory 7


X4 i-Monitor: a complete monitoring solution

X4 i-Monitor, the new web-based application of Metrologic Group offers the simultaneous monitoring of the usage rate of 3D metrology machines, providing the operator with insightful information with which they can better plan, and increase productivity.

“i-Monitor will be a useful addition to X4 users, as operators will have access to the data twenty-four seven and be able to see the dashboard remotely, removing the need to be in front of the machine”, says Vincent Doux, Product Manager at Metrologic Group.

The application enables operators to track measuring machine’s key performance indicators in real-time. This provides operators with data on the hours the machine has been in use, lying idle or time spent correcting errors. These results can be viewed on a dashboard, some of which are presented as graphs, providing a complete picture at glance.

Universal & powerful 3D metrology software to take off towards the smart factory 8

In its promise to provide its customers with universal 3D inspection solutions, visitors will be able to rediscover on Metrologic Group’s booth different measurement configurations driven by the Metrolog X4 software, such as the Leica AT600 laser tracker as well as Nikon Laser Radar, Creaform’s HandyScan, Hexagon, Kreon and FARO arms, Wenzel and Erowa CMMs and much more…

In a few words…

At Control exhibition, visitors will be able to explore Metrologic Group expertise with an immersive experience in its end-to-end booth concept, and many interactive demonstrations with different technologies and inspection devices.

These presentations will highlight the ability of the Metrologic Group software suite to virtually program and get the most out of all kinds of 3D measurement devices and technologies, including most challenging point clouds. In short, how Metrologic Group can be any manufacturing industrial’s best partner to take off for smart 3D measurement.