This new version has been developed with your feedback in mind and with a constant focus on our customers;


Three new features are provided to improve performance, productivity, and data interpretation.


Release of our newest version X4 Products Line V18 SP1 1

  • QIF FULL 3D CAD scenario are coming more more a reliable

As you know the Metrologic Group software solution adheres to the main manufacturing standards. QIF format is evolve regularly and growing on our customer demands.
Today we are supporting the QIF CAD + PMI import data since few previous releases, but in this new version we have implemented the possibility to store a nominal plan data and also the actual values of each control acquire on the inspection device. Then any SPC system able to read the QIF format will be able to use the values and generate any kind of statistic report.


Release of our newest version X4 Products Line V18 SP1 2

  • 5 Axis Revo probing strategy enhancement

Faced with growing market demand for this type of technology, we are continuing to integrate the Renishaw REVO solution and give it new important functionality to facilitate the user experience.
Due the scanning capabilities of this technology, we have implement directly from the automatic path generation, to set Starting or Ending point deactivation for a scanning Path. That allowing getting a robust process during a part measurement series and avoiding getting long analysis process.
Of course, this function is available not only into Metrolog but also into Silma to allow our customers to plan their trajectories without soliciting the production-measuring machine.


Release of our newest version X4 Products Line V18 SP1 3

  • Improving the Automatic Path Planning on X4 i-Robot combine to the last AS1 Hexagon

Our X4 i-Robot solution accelerate the access of our customers to inspection on the production line. We currently support more than 7 different robot brands and we have implemented all main tracked measurement systems to address the needs of our customers. We support Hexagon’s latest AS1 optical sensor tracked by its ATS960 laser tracker, but in this new version we have improved our automatic trajectory generation algorithm which allows the user to quickly learn a safe trajectory taking into account the mechanical characteristics of the measurement system. This function is available in our Silma product and allows the user to program his trajectory quickly and without using machine time in production.


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