New X4 Dongle-Free and Hassle-Free license! Now! 1

Exceptional times deserve exceptional actions.  For the past few weeks, the Metrologic R&D team has been working on a new way to provide you access to your preferred 3D metrology software environment, without the need of a dongle and this in just a few clicks!

In these times of change, we need to be proactive and adapt to a world that will be different.  Not only does this apply to us as a technological company but most importantly to our customers who will grow different set of expectations. More than ever, time has come to step up to evolving market demands: we are committed to implementing radical changes to support our end-users. Starting today.”, comments  Bertrand GILI, President of Metrologic Group.

Staying productive is very challenging for all of us so we developed a new efficient and easy way for you to continue working within the X4 platform. How? Simply log on to the Metrologic Group Extranet and follow the instructions under the “Online License section”.  Open for active X4 users, this no-cost and limited-time offer is available now and will automatically accept license registration requests received prior to July 31, 2020.

This is a great opportunity for you to experience the potential of an outstanding virtual programming software, experience more of the X4 solution with Silma X4.

From point cloud analysis, to GD&T evaluation through automatic and full collision-free program creation using the advantages of Silma Digital Twin approach, we get you covered! This is also the perfect time for you to discover new device capabilities using the extensive Simulation Data Library, and benefit from our virtual environment to see if they fit with your 3D Metrology processes.

Additionally, and to get you more comfortable with the latest Silma X4 features, a series of free Webinars will be provided starting the week, from  April 13, 2020.  Please contact your local support team in order to register and participate to some of these free webinars that will get you up to speed!

Do not forget to login now to start enjoying Silma in just a few minutes!