The new V16 release of the X4 suite of software is coming out soon

Silma – The Inspection Path Planning will manage Tool Changers

  • Path computing is included with tool configuration change and will avoid collision.
  • The operator simply provides the list of features that need measuring – the tool configuration is forced by the user or set on automatic mode. The software will automatically provide the program and tools selection without operator intervention.
  • No need for expert programmers

New software release for Metrolog and Silma 1

Customer Classification Signature

This new feature:

  • Allows the end user to set a specific set of instructions which must be adhered to, on the document generated by their X4 application.
  • Any operator who uses this specific set of instructions will be notified immediately that this document is proprietary. This provides peace of mind when sub-contracting parts of the manufacturing process.

New software release for Metrolog and Silma 2