Metrolog & Silma X4 New Release is now available to download

Dear Customers, 

We are pleased to announce the release of your newest V21 software version.

This release aims to boost customer satisfaction and align with the latest market trends. With critical hardware integrations and improved functionalities, Metrologic further strengthens its position as a leader in universal metrology software. Embracing Industry 4.0 for enhanced manufacturing efficiencies has never been easier.

Discover below the items which have been introduced in this version:


New automatic decrypting GD&T / PMI improvement

Discover our tool “automatic assistant” for creating more specific features, such as cylinders, based on GD&T PMI surface profiles and their associated geometries within the CAD model.

Visually assess the consistency of your manufacturing

Focus on the improvement of the user experience to help get quick analysis and take decision for driving their manufacturing process

It’s now possible to generate a color map showing the absolute deviation of the Range between measured multiple batch parts.


As a premium universal software, we are dedicated to supporting standard format exchanges and continuously advancing our capabilities.

We now offer additional feature data construction, including Projection, Intersection, and Median. Additionally, more PMI information is supported during the CAD export process.


  1. X4 CORE

Renishaw’s Revo Vision Probe (RVP) now supported

Need to measure small features or delicate, flexible parts? Metrolog now integrates Renishaw’s RVP sensor, enabling non-contact, 5-axis measurement on your CMM. Furthermore, the entire process from acquisition to cloud extraction can be simulated within Silma.

As an added bonus, leveraging this work, the Revo Fringe Probe (RFP) can now function as a Vision probe as well.

Support Best Practices for Creaform

Metrologic continue to solidify the partnership with Creaform by respecting their recommended acquisition workflow.  Now when starting a new acquistion with the MetraSCAN or HandySCAN hardware, Metrolog can begin with the identification of targets.

Collision Detection Improvement

The digital twin security management that prevents collisions between hardware and parts being measured has been improved.  There is now better management of how collisions are detected during CMM touch measurements within Silma X4.

  1. X4 ROBOT

Enhanced ABB Robot integration

Enhancing compatibility and safety with our integrated robot brands remains a top priority. This release includes added support for ABB’s ICR5 controller and improvements to existing support for the ICR4 controller.

Inspection Path Planning optimisation

Metrologic doubles down on our commitment to creating intuitive robotic inspection paths.  No matter what the sensor being used, our goal is to create the most optimal robotic trajectory to measure the part.  We understand that on the manufacturing floor, cycle times are critical and this is a continuation of our commitment to this goal.

…That’s not all, have a look to all new capabilities while consulting your extranet customer aera. If you are not yet a customer, do not hesitate to contact us now to find out more !

If you are not yet a customer, do not hesitate to contact us now to find out more !