Metrolog and Silma X4-X4V5 V20SP1 Release 1

Dear Metrolog and Silma User,

We are pleased to announce the release of your newest version X4 Products Line V20SP1. This release is already available on your Extranet: Go to the Download zone

Within manufacturing, there is a vast range of metrology equipment and software.  Metrologic aims to connect all the pieces together.  With this release, we are taking another major step towards universality and productivity, helping our customers increase efficiency and simplify their transition towards Industry 4.0.

  • Enhanced Inspection Path Planning for Probe
    When planning the inspection path, speed and security are two of our primary concerns.  This release includes enhancements for both when performing with touch probing inspection.
  • New interfaces 
    Keeping the spirit of universality, Metrolog X4 have added support new interfaces.  We now support HP-L-10.10, Hexagon’s CMM laser scanning sensor suitable for large volume metrology.  We’ve also added optical sensor support via I++ on Renishaw’s UCC controller.
  • Increase the Robot Connectivity 
    Increasing our connectivity for automated solutions, i-Robot now boasts support of Kuka’s KRC5 controller.
  • Renishaw Equator Improvement
    Ensuring the best experience on Renishaw’s Equator equipment, Metrolog X4 now manages additional scan path strategies.
  • Continued GD&T Improvement 
    Metrology is the heart of our business, so we continue to improve our support for GD&T. By improving X4’s understanding of the part’s target datums, it can automatically suggest the best acquisition strategies.
  • Increased QIF Compatibility
    Metrologic’s software suite continues to grow its compatibility with QIF format with the addition of new constructions.  Building on our spirit of an open ecosystem, Metrologic’s goal is to provide the best data flow support to customers who wish to import and export their QIF data within X4.

…That’s not all, have a look to all new capabilities while consulting the Release notes.

Any question about the release ?
Please contact to your hotline with our technical support portals or your local reseller.
Your local Metrologic representative is also available to offer you any onsite training you may need that could assist you to better benefit from all the new tools and functionalities made available in the last two major X4 Products Line releases.

Thank you!
The Metrologic Group Team