Metrolog and Silma V17 are available from today 1

You were looking forward to it, so the V17 is finally here!

This new version of Metrolog and Silma has been developed with your feedback in mind and with a constant focus on our customers.

What’s new in V17 release?

  • 5-Axis Module
    Support for Renishaw SFP roughness measurement sensor
  • New Import CAD format
    Import format QIF with PMI
  • Import PMI* analysis function
    Allows the integrity of PMIs to be analyzed
  • Roughness module
    Possibility of calculating roughness characteristics
  • i-Robot
    Creaform HandyScan sensor integrated into i-Robot solution

…and that’s not all!

Available now thanks to your Active Software maintenance
on Metrologic Extranet, login to download your version.

To give feedback about V17 or suggestions for future improvements, leave us a comment.

*Product Manufacturing Informations

INDEX 2023 - Egalité professionnelle femmes-hommes

(au titre des données 2022)

1 - écart de remuneration 39/40
2 - écarts d'augmentations individuelles 35/35
3 - pourcentage de salariés augmentés au retour d'un congé maternité Incalculable
4 - nombre de salariés du sexe sous-représenté parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations 0/10
Total des indicateurs calculables 74/85

INDEX (sur 100 points)

87 %

Le total des indicateurs calculables est ramené sur 100 points en appliquant la règle de la proportionnalité.