A new improved X4 architecture version dedicated to further strengthen your industrial processes is available.

Metrologic Group is pleased to announce the new release of its latest 3D universal inspection platform, built on the powerful X4 architecture and enhanced with a sharpened users’ experience. With many new functionalities, this latest release brings a ton of enhancements following the X4 version 10 that was made available in June 2018. Among some of the new tools available:

• New Device: Management of 5 axis go-to and probing touch for PH20 and Revo head using Renishaw controller.

• GD&T: Automatic computation and support of the ASME Standard new Translation Modifier.

• Virtual/Digital Twin: New Inspection Path Planning tools available in Silma: Automatic inspection path and feature computation program creation using optimized trajectories collision free, just starting from a list of features to be inspected.

• Additional PMI Support: New CAD import enhancements: Support GDT import and automatic decoding of the tolerances in the Direct STEP CAD Import.

• and many more capabilities fitted to help you with all your existing and future devices: CMM, Arms, Laser trackers, Robots, etc… and readily available to support you in your industry Manufacturing 4.0 transition!

Our X4 software suite is recognized as the Truly Universal 3D Measurement Platform in the quality and manufacturing inspection industry. Used by the largest industrial organization covering all industries and built on almost 40 years of experience, we take pride in including our users’ special enhancement requests and feedback to achieve an even more efficient overall solution. Please contact your local Metrologic office to be among the selected users who will see their requested functionalities in our next release!

Need more information? Please contact your local reseller.

For Metrolog or Silma users: Get more information on this new release by simply logging on to your dedicated extranet page. Not registered yet? Simply request your direct personal access via the extranet registration page, using your license MetroKey as well as your contact details.