Are you looking for better collaboration between quality & manufacturing ? Would you like to easily communicate 3D metrology findings with other departments & collaborate on decisions? If yes, then have a look at the information below ⏬, it might be helpful!

? How does 3D metrology influence successful manufacturing? In many ways, but most of all by providing meaningful feedback.

? The analysis of inspected manufactured parts helps the engineering team make sound decisions and avoid critical errors.

✅ Zero default manufacturing does not exist, but effective metrology helps moving towards it, by quickly identifying the bottlenecks and understanding the root causes of any 3D measurement issue.

? i-Viewer application is here to help you examine inspection results in a collaborative fashion.

? Intended for both Metrolog X4 users and non-users, in just a few clicks, view inspection results with the controlled dimensions, color maps, inspection report, statistics, and more.

? Easy to play, ?with no registration required, you’re just a few clicks away from improving manufacturing decision-making with i-Viewer!

Go to download now from here.