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Automation is the next generation in 3D metrology. Automotive industry was always one step ahead implementing new technologies to gain productivity, to reduce scrap and most of all to produce safer cars. At @Metrologic Group, we are proud to have been working with the leading names in automotive industry for 40 years now and have been relentlessly supporting our customers during 3D metrology journey.
As we work with leading names in automotive worldwide, as well as their subcontractors, we recently succeeded the implementation of a unique automation project and would like to share the key take-aways with you.
Below is an illustration of a recent automation project implemented with an automative customer in Germany.
  1. The challenge: The customer already had a 3D metrology robot cell, but the robot was still manually driven – so the client couldn’t really benefit from robotized 3D control with an accelerated metrology throughput, performance & less human errors.
  2. The roll-out: Despite a competitive call for proposals, only i-Robot met customer expectations by truly enabling 3D metrology automation via a retrofit of the existent cell. Not only could the client leverage an important investment in a robot cell and make it work, but he can measure now more parts where a CMM simply can not make it!
  3. The benefit: This is a first automation project for this historical key player of the German automotive market, worldwide known and whose name we can not disclose. From our customers words: “With Metrolog i-Robot, no need to be a robot specialist, our staff was trained really fast, the software is accessible and easy to use. We succeeded taking our 3D Metrology & manufacturing processes to a completely new level!”
In case you’re still thinking about the ins and outs of an automation project and would like to understand what you are really expecting, or like our customer, you are impatient to make your 3D metrology robot work and Contact us for a demo/ any question.