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The inspection report is an essential element for interpreting measurement results, visualizing defects, and ensuring interdepartmental transmission of corrective measures or simply to justify compliance. The X4 integrated report editor serves to quickly create intuitive and graphical inspection and control reports formatted to comply with standards for industry (FTA, FAI, etc.) and trades (gear, blade, etc.), with statistics on paper or electronic media.

Configure a report simply as a function of the industrial standard

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of report templates as a function of the standard

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Your report updates

itself in detail as you measure

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Numerous graphical

objects are available: Tables, images, graphics, diagrams, …

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are created automatically

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Drag and drop

the elements that you want to analyze

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Collaborate and dynamically

share your inspection data and work sessions with free X4 i-Viewer

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X4 i-Viewer allows inter-agency consultation of X4 measurement results without requiring a software license, by simply sharing measurement sessions…

i-Viewer specifications:

  • Allows access via a single click on the graphics view or from the database to the control characteristics: elements, geometric tolerances, color mapping, detailed view, statistics, etc.
  • The interface is available in 20 languages for engineering project reviews, even between different international sites.
  • Every measurement can be consulted, an alternative to creating a report.
  • Easy and simple access to your file on any computer system while your X4 license is used elsewhere.

i-Viewer: Collaborate and improve decision-making in the quality process

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