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Intuitive & Efficient

Programming engine

Programming engine 2

The programming engine of X4 solutions allows users to implement complex measurement programs with an intuitive and instructive approach. The power of this engine (the use of conditional branches, loops, etc.) coupled with its ease of makes it possible to automate the process of measuring technical parts.

A powerful programming engine that is easy to use

Programming engine 3


of measurement processes


Programming engine 4

Automatic detection

of faulty paths and collisions

Programming engine 5

A programming engine

that operates with different measurement equipment

Programming engine 6

Parametric programs

that automatically adapt to different part references

Programming engine 7


with learning mode possible. Each manual action is recorded in the program

Programming engine 8

Flexibility to program

over a wide range. Possibility to use conditional branching and loops

Programming engine 9

Intelligent and automated measurement programs

  • Universality: The powerful programming engine allows interoperability of programs between the different measurement machines and operators (DMIS compatible)
  • Programming flexibility due to PMI decoding to create programs easily and rapidly.
  • Learning-based programming: Programs generated automatically
  • Sequential programs that allow the user to modify the recorded sequences
  • Parametric programs that automatically adapt to different parts of the same family
  • Interpretation of standardized programming languages (native and DMIS formats)
  • Conversational programs to organize program sequences and to program without having knowledge of codes; available in 20 languages.

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Programming engine 10
Programming engine 11


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