Point cloud module 1

Accuracy and reliability

Point-cloud Analysis

Point cloud module 2

More and more devices of point-cloud acquisition are available on the market. These scanners are integrated into manual procedures, CMMs, or even into automatic online measurement solutions. Our integrated «Point-Cloud» module gives you all the power of the Metrolog X4 solution for point-cloud processing. Speed, reliability, ease of use, and the graphical display of measurement results are some of the strengths of this module.

Powerful and easy-to-use module

Point cloud module 3

Direct projection

on the CAD file and visualization with polynomial precision

Point cloud module 4

Advanced collection

and analysis of data while respecting the integrity of 3D point clouds

Point cloud module 5

CAD-Point-cloud adjustment:

autofit, best fit, manual adjustment, or cloud-cloud, cloudmesh adjustments

Point cloud module 6

Module for extracting

any type of geometrical elements, surfaces, tolerances

Point cloud module 7

Wide compatibility

with most acquisition devices on the market

Point cloud module 8

All instructions

can be in program, full ready for inspection process automatisation

Point clouds treatment

  • No limit on point clouds imports
  • Fast acquisition, multiple alignment solutions
  • Elimination of noise and outliers
  • Numerous extraction functions available with different strategies depending on the type of part

3D Inspection

  • Extraction of geometrical and free forms surfaces features.
  • Full compatible with GD&T modules
  • All instructiuons fully programmable
  • Point cloud real time comparaison with CAD (color mapping)
  • Import formats: common nominal CAD files such as CATIA V5, IGES, STEP, VDA, SET, ProE, Unigraphics, NX and export all formats on the market.

User-friendly interface

  • Fully customizable user interface to adapt to the operator’s working habits,
  • Adaptable according the type of device used, and the type of measurement to be made
  • View oriented automatically during data acquisition
  • Powerful and easy report editor
  • Available in 19 languages, switchable on the fly

Mesh generation for 3D inspection or retro-engineering applications

  • Multiple mesh-generation functions
  • Simple mesh editor
  • Advanced surfaces and sections extraction for easier surfaces reconstructions

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Point cloud module 15
Point cloud module 16


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Point cloud module 17

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