Metrolog & Silma V13 release 1


Metrologic Group is pleased to announce the release of its latest 3D universal metrology platform, V13. In addition to integrating the latest technology available, this new version consolidates our end-to-end inspection approach via numerous improvements: extra ergonomics, intelligence in building your 3D measurement strategy and complementary assistance in analysing and understanding your inspection results.

Silma & Metrolog X4 represent a reliable and comprehensive 3D measurement software platform that does it all, whatever the equipment, the CAD file or the application. Built on 4 decades of software development know-how, every new release bridges the gap between 3D metrology market updates, new technology released and most importantly, customer needs.

Top 4 major updates of V13 release and how they can make your 3D measurement better:

  1. Renishaw 5-axis PH 20 and REVO heads are fully supported with Metrolog & Silma X4 (for probing & 3D scanning). 5-axis programming is now possible and easy thanks to automatic management of paths planning and probing positioning as per Renishaw data sheet. Specific guiding modes like ”Guide Rail”, “Sweep scanning”, as well as new graphic manipulators are available. As of now, both Silma and Metrolog simulate and execute DMIS programs, even the ones coming from different software.
  2. 2D analysis module. A frequently requested analysis of section/ profile that allows the user to extract 2D characteristics and evaluate the distances/ angles of the selected profile. A sharp improvement to optimize your 3D measurement process and effective graphic display for better understanding of your measurement results.
  3. GD&T engine. Besides a continuous effort over 4 decades to be fully compliant with ASME and ISO standards, the V13 is provided with a new algorithms that make all the difference:  envelope criteria, simultaneous ISO evaluation, new P modifier and considerable improvement of GD&T display for results analyzis.
  4. Point Cloud – Metrolog X4 offers real improvements for highly precise 3D optical metrology and processing most dense point clouds. Extractions and filtering algorithms have been in constant evolution in order to deliver stability and consistency within your 3D control process. Realistic mesh display, multiple assistance functions enable a fast point cloud acquisition of exceptional quality. Processing time is also a crucial criteria we take into account during software development, to provide you the best user experience.

In a nutshell, Metrolog and Silma V13 offers more possibilities, faster workflow, smarter features, more device interfaces available, all to help you make the most of your 3D quality control.

For more detailed technical data and other V13 updates, please connect to the Extranet.