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Digital analysis

GD&T Tolerancing

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GD&T(1) guarantees the results based on your measurements. Advanced analysis tools give you the keys to improve quality and reduce development times. By decoding the PMI(2) of your CAD or by simply reproducing the tolerance given by the feature control frame on the drawing, you are systematically assured of a result that complies with the latest standards in force.

1 GD&T: Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
2 PMI: Product and manufacturing information

Access the highest precision

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Compliance with current tolerancing standards:

ISO: 1101, 5459, 5458, 14450, ASME 14.5.

GD&T-Tolerancing 4

NIST -and PTB-certified

calculation algorithms.

GD&T-Tolerancing 5

CAD, graphics, text:

you choose how to display the results.

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The adaptive interface

guides the user regardless of the tolerancing scenario.

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Detailed graphical views:

facilitate interpretation and choice of corrective actions.

GD&T-Tolerancing 8

Import and processing

of PMI in formats: CATIA/CREO/NX and QIF, JT, STEP.

Collaborative analysis

Combined with the X4 I-Viewer, give access to all the power of GD&T analysis to all the stakeholders in your project. Discover a new, free, and unlimited way to share and collaborate based on your results!

Advanced tolerancing… easy to use

Restricted areas, modifiers, composite tolerances, simultaneous evaluation, composite references, … all the most complex tolerancing scenarios are addressed by the X4 GD&T engine. No need to master the standard, our tolerancing engine automatically proposes the calculation criteria recommended by the ISO or ASME standards.

Leverage Model-Based Definition

The architecture of X4 allows you to exploit the benefits of MBD. The Inspection Plan Generator allows the extraction in one click of all the semantic data included in your CAD. In combination with our automatic avoidance tools, generating a measurement program has never been so fast.

Focused on your production

Using the new Tool and Machine Fixture adjustment features, express your deviations directly in the context of your production machine. X4 directly gives you the offsets to apply to your manufacturing tools!

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