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Metrology matters

Metrologic Group offers special packs for education, benefit from the best inspection tools compatible with your current and future devices…

To help future graduates discover our business and software solutions, Metrologic Group develops close relationships with universities. We believe that today investments in education will bring tomorrow’s harvest of first-class professionals and talents in quality inspection.

The world of manufacturing is becoming increasingly competitive, and despite increasing reliance on the accuracy of measuring equipment, there is less focus on the skills needed to do the measuring accurately. We are witnessing a growing skills gap and understanding of metrology within industry. It’s crucial today to build solid skills sets as a key prevention to bad decision making, so that quality assurance specialists are ready for new technology and really know what to do and how best to do it.

Sound knowledge of metrology, a good understanding of measurement technology and fundamental topics like mathematics, GD&T, statistics are crucial for a future metrology professional. Especially because standards and complexity of measurement have increased (additive manufacturing, GD&T) and advanced manufacturing techniques, demand more control and challenge old thinking and processes.

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Why is quality control important 
in manufacturing

  1. Data to make decisions
  2. Create improved products
  3. Inspire brand loyalty thanks to trustworthy products
  4. Comply with standards and regulations
  5. Become confident and consistent
  6. Conserve your resources with less errors
  7. Manage risk and uncertainty
  8. Be a problem solver

Our software suite helps students prepare for a 3D metrology career

We make software for people who are guarantors of product quality. Our software is the standard in industries like aerospace, automotive, transportation, watchmaking, medicine, to name a few. We provide a universal software, which means we can connect to any 3D metrology equipment, any brand and import any CAD file. Moreover, we have established partnerships with leading metrology equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Our comprehensive end-to-end 3D inspection solution can help you cover every step of the control process

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