Restore your CMM performance, enhance software performance and engage in smart industry

CMM Retrofit 1

Up to 100 % Restored performance

Retrofit your CMM to retrieve «as new» performances and gain measurement capacity.

Upgrade to Metrolog X4 powerful universal software. pilot retrofited CMM scanning, probing sensors with a better range of available analysis functions.

CMM Retrofit 2

Up to 70 %* Saving Cost

Control your investment and update to a wider range of possible devices like probing and scanning sensors.

*Maximum percentage encountered for CNC retrofit.
CMM Retrofit 3

Multiple Guarantees

2 years of hardware guarantee: parts & manpower

10 years of Metrologic spare parts and electronic components availability

Buy security and peace of mind with our yearly maintenance and support contract.

Retrofit possible operations

Offering a RETROFIT to your CNC CMM regenerates both its hardware and software systems. It restores its original performance and allows addition of a whole range of functionalities: connecting new types of sensors, increasing overall precision and productivity, reducing measuring cycle time.

Combined with our Metrolog X4 software, hardware retrofit is the best alternative to a costly brand new CMM. It optimizes your investment thus reducing production costs, enhancing significantly CNC’s performances and profitability.

Get access to cutting edge technologies on your CMM: advanced programming solution, CAD files import with integrated PMI, GD&T management based on ISO or ASME standards, …

Improve your 3D measurement process performance up to 100%

CMM Retrofit 4

Upgrade your software solution to Metrolog X4 and experience new functionalities

CMM Retrofit 5

Increase CMM’s lifespan

CMM Retrofit 6

Cut the risk of downtime. Reliability

CMM Retrofit 7

New scope of scanning and optical measuring capabilities

CMM Retrofit 8

Universal software for all measuring devices

CMM Retrofit 9

Cost effective alternative solution to new machine purchase

CMM types

CMM Retrofit 10


CMM Retrofit 11


CMM Retrofit 12


CMM Retrofit 13


CMM Retrofit 14


CMM Retrofit 15 Head types Fixed 2-axis indexed 2-axis continuous
CMM Retrofit 16 Probes types Touch Trigger Scanning Optical scanner
CMM Retrofit 17 Accessories Rotary Table Tool Changer Automation devices