CMM Retrofit possible operations

CMM retrofit Hardware 1

Electric motors

Drive systems

Scale reader head

Measurement scales

Air feeding circuit and moving block

Possibility to replace the original sensor head by a sensor or a high-performance optical sensor

Replacing the original CNC by a Digital CNC controller and its complete bay

Transform outdated equipment into a valuable asset

Reliable hardware

  • Compatible with any CMM.
  • Designed to restore CMM overall performance and improve its throughput.
  • Operator-friendly.
  • Keyboard for better interaction between operator, machine and Metrolog software.
CMM retrofit Hardware 2
CMM retrofit Hardware 3

Optical sensors

  • Fully compatible with all sensors, brands and probing systems.
  • Integrated with most available Optical Sensors (Nikon, Hexagon, Kreon, Perceptron, Zeiss…).
  • Capable of high-speed motion with touch trigger, contact scanning and laser scanning measurements.


  • Simple installation and quick tuning thanks to its built-in connection to MetroTune software.
  • Ethernet connection, embedded servo drives with fast computation.