[Webinar] Visual Point Cloud Extraction 1

New webinar: ‘Visual Point Cloud Extraction’.

On this webinar, you will discover all the latest GD&T analysis tools. If you’re looking for a way to improve your team’s understanding and interpretation of GD&T evaluation results, then this event is for you.

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Together we will explore:
 How can Metrologic’s “Visual” GD&T Engine and Point Cloud System improve your quality control?
    • New GD&T Analysis Algorithms -Graphical views with labels presenting results of GD&T calculation next to the GDT cartridge…
    • Point Cloud Multi-feature filtering – Direct projection, Feature inspection, CAD Cloud Fitting, etc.
    • True Point Cloud feature extraction based on Y14 & ISO 1101 GD&T compliance.
    • Advanced capability to collect and perform full analysis of heaviest 3D Point Cloud data without decimation.
    • CAD Feature Extractions and PMI
    • Feature Creation Parameters with advanced calculations like Tchebychev
    • 6 Degrees of Freedom
    • NIST-PTB certified results give you the confidence to inspect accurately and quickly.
    • Manage Cutting Plane CAD captures
    • Extended Surface retrieve/filter based on CAD
    • GD&T Analysis Reports
    • Q&A

Date: Wednesday September 21st 2022
Time: 11AM EST
Duration: 1 hr

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