Have you ever thought about automated robotic inspection within your production? Or replacing hard gages by flexible ones? Are you looking for ways to improve your capacity to control complex parts, materials and finishes? Or maybe reducing your quality control cycle time is an issue at stake?
If you answered yes to the above questions at least once, then join us at the West Michigan Technology Day on May 3rd organized with our partner PJF!
Come and see our solutions in action: our Metrolog X4 software driving a Creaform MetraSCAN-R, a CMR Staubli/Kreon Coordinate Measuring Robot and a CMM inspection scenario. And there is so much more technology showcased – Point Cloud based inspection, PH20, Revo, to name just a few…

Friday, May 3 | PJF – Cedar Spring, MI 49319

2 sessions: Morning @10am / Afternoon @1pm

Feel free to attend either sessions.

To learn more and/or register: metrologic [at] metrologicgroup.com