5-Axis technology improves CMM productivity 1

Metrologic Group in collaboration with Renishaw deliver a unique and impactful way of improving CMM productivity, using 5-axis measurement technology – Renishaw’s PH20 and REVO® systems integrated with Metrologic’s Metrolog X4 and Silma X4 software solutions.

Minimise dynamic errors and increase productivity at ultra-high measuring speeds with easy-to-use software for the operator, combined with 5-axis technology.

This webinar is for:

  • Existing Metrologic Group end-users wanting to increase productivity with Renishaw’s 5-axis systems on their CMM.
  • End-users looking for better functionality from the software with the purchase of a new machine with the Renishaw REVO or PH20 systems.
  • Already own a machine using REVO or PH20 and are looking for additional software capability for your CMM. Learn the value Metrolog X4 and Silma X4 can bring to accelerate the performance of your CMM.
  • Find out more about the unique collaboration between Renishaw and Metrologic Group.

If you are looking for a step change in improving your CMM’s productivity for high speed accurate measurements using 5-axis technology with easy-to-use software this webinar is just what you need!

The key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Renishaw’s 5-axis touch trigger and scanning technology.

The benefits available following the 5-axis integration into Silma X4 to facilitate programming, as well as on-machine execution using Metrolog X4 from the Metrologic Group.