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Taking together the right measure
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At Metrologic Group, we are proud to celebrate 40 years since the company foundation.

These are 4 decades of breakthrough innovation, of setting the standard in 3D Measurement and the journey goes on!

– Bertrand Gili, President of Metrologic Group

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40 years of building the future of 3D Metrology

  • The story begins in 1980 in a garage in Grenoble area with Philippe Cimadomo and Gilles Bartoli, 2 passionate visionary electronics students, who were at the origins of the 3D metrology software as we know it today.
  • As we look back at the skyrocket evolution the company has known, we would like to acknowledge the contribution brought by our customers, partners, equipment manufacturers and our teams. Our people make Metrologic Group a solutions provider of choice for many industrial companies worldwide.
  • Everything we did, we did it together, with our customers, with our teams.
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Taking the right measure for 40 years

  • Major industrial companies throughout the world have adopted our unique solution as a robust industrial standard to modernize their 3D inspection equipment. 
  • Our solutions are now seamlessly integrated into their engineering and production processes and improve their manufacturing operations.
  • Yet 40 years are just the beginning as our goal is to share our proven technological expertise, by offering our customers an all-in-one solution to take up the most challenging quality assurance & manufacturing jobs.
  • We address our customers’need for universal quality assurance software with a unique partner.
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Partners at the forefront of digital innovation…

  • Today we are proud to be part of Sandvik Applied Manufacturing Technologies (AMT), bringing together more than 150 years of Sandvik’s industrial legacy with the latest developments in digital technologies.
  • Through advanced 3D metrology and End-to-End inspection solution, together with Sandvik we provide an expanded digital offering helping customers achieve a more seamless end-to-end machining and manufacturing process across machine parks located throughout the world.
  • We focus on the whole quality inspection chain and enable customers driving quality intelligence at every step.
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… And this is just the start!

  • We are going to display this year the special anniversary logo which is a representation of the bridge between our past and our future. A tribute to the achievements obtained together with our customers, partners and teams.
  • Besides conveying our passion for innovation and precision, this logo also makes a reference to our business and our end-to-end inspection solutions.

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