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Opus ST halves inspection cycle times using Metrolog X4!

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Founded in 2018 by a group of 3D metrology experts, Opus ST is a company specialising in the design and production of Quality Control fixtures & gauges to be used in the QC Laboratory or directly onto the production line.

Before choosing Metrolog X4 as the standard 3D inspection software, the company faced several challenges.

• Performance:
First, Opus ST is primarily a provider of solutions dedicated to dimensional control. This requires the highest level of functionality, using the ultimate 3D metrology toolkit and high precision requirements.

• Universality and Expertise
Secondly, Opus ST’ service range is extensive, hence the need for a complete software solution capable of addressing the full 3D metrology spectrum, whatever the brand or the measuring device.

• Flexibility and Scalability:
Thirdly, the company is on a constant course of development and it was essential that any new team member could be trained on the 3D metrology software easily and quickly. Consequently, only a functionally capable and user-friendly software that helps quickly develop new skills could meet expectations.

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A comprehensive 3D measurement software for the most advanced application

Choosing the right 3D inspection software

“Being aware that every software provides specific features and capabilities, at Opus ST, we have closely analyzed the different software solutions available on the market before even choosing our measurement equipment. It was paramount for us to select the software that matched exactly our needs.” highlights Mr Nicolas Da Costa, CEO of Opus Solutions Techniques.

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In light of these constraints, Opus ST developed its own approach:

  • The team identified the essential functionality central to Opus ST activities (on 6 surface points alignment, geometric alignment, best fit with the possibility of including geometric and surface elements in the same computation, CAD mirror, program and program mirror, construction via axis/CAD intersection, surface measurement, calculation of profile tolerances in different alignments).
  • They tested several 3D measurement software solutions,
  • They conferred with other regular users of all pre-selected software solutions.

It is important to note that before choosing Metrolog X4, Opus ST CMM was already operating with OEM software. Metrologic Group would supply the software solution without the need to retrofit the electronics of the CMM.
Following the evaluation of the different software solutions, 3 options were the closest to the company’s requirements and expectations.
In terms of technical capacity, budget and supply of a complete technical support, one solution stood out. In addition, with the roll-out of the metrology and engineering activity, Opus ST required the most universal and comprehensive software solution.

Mr Da Costa explains what tilted the balance in favour of Metrolog X4 rather than the other software available on the market: “Technically, the time needed (number of steps) for obtaining the measurement result was the decisive factor. In this respect, Metrolog X4 performed the best: it was obvious, that it was the ultimate tool for helping us increase our efficiency.”

Metrolog X4 – a comprehensive solution within everyone’s reach

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Since the deployment of Metrolog X4 software at Opus ST, the team remarks that the major benefit of Metrolog X4 is a considerable time saving for surface measurements. Moreover, the company can count on the technical support from Metrologic Group, because: “there’s always someone to reply, and if the person doesn’t have the answer right away, she’ll come back quickly with a solution, and that’s fine!”.
How does Opus ST characterize Metrolog X4 after several months of use? “Technically complete and with a graphic interface pleasant to work with”.

Budgets are a critical point for decision making, especially in the framework of developing a new company, as is the case with Opus ST.
“When we created the company, we had to finance the purchase of production machines, measuring devices, software, in addition to the renovation of company’s premises. In this situation, we needed to be pragmatic and find the best compromise between the investment, on one side, and short- and medium-term economic spinoffs, on another side. Metrologic Group demonstrated business flexibility by adapting its offer and proposing a tailored support”, Mr Da Costa continues, on his experience of working with Metrologic Group.

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  • Purchase a complete software solution with advanced capabilities
  • Have an easy-to-use interface
  • Equip the CMM without modifying the electronics
  • Benefit from a commercial offer consistent with the company creation status


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  • Metrolog X4 software suite : extensive features dedicated to all-kind of surface measurement
  • Tailor-made support
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  • Surface measurement programming time became 4 times faster
  • A comprehensive software able to address the full 3D metrology spectrum
  • Attentive and responsive technical support

About Opus Solutions Techniques

Opus ST designs and produces additional control gauges.

Working with SMEs and larger industrial companies wanting to incorporate Inspection into a new production line or improve an existing process, Opus ST helps deliver a reliable and efficient dimensional control addition to a CMM or optical measuring device.

Each fixture is designed to enable the part measurement in optimal conditions, the clean environment of the lab, or the more challenging conditions of the production line.

The company handles every customer project entirely in-house. This includes design, manufacture, assembly and calibration of the measuring fixtures. This allows Opus ST to guarantee quality and meet delivery schedules.


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