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Who we are?

Publication direc­tor: M. Bertrand Gili
Address: 6 Chemin du Vieux Chêne 38240 Meylan FRANCE
Phone: +33 (0) 476 043 030
E‑mail: metrologic@​metrologic.​fr
Website: www​.metro​logic​.group


Metrologic Group SAS, pub­lisher of the metro​log​ic​group​.com site, under­stands the impor­tance of data pri­vacy is and is strongly com­mit­ted to pro­tect­ing per­sonal data. The pur­pose of this pri­vacy pol­icy is to inform you about the com­mit­ments made and prac­ti­cal mea­sures taken by Metrologic Group SAS to pro­tect your per­sonal data. This pri­vacy pol­icy may be amended to reflect changes in laws, reg­u­la­tions and deci­sions of the French data pro­tec­tion author­ity, the CNIL.

Data collected

Metrologic Group SAS endeav­ors to col­lect and process only strictly nec­es­sary data in view of the pur­pose for which the data are processed.


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Statistiques et mesures d’audience

Les cook­ies sta­tis­tiques aident les pro­prié­taires du site Web, par la col­lecte et la com­mu­ni­ca­tion d’informations de manière anonyme, à com­pren­dre com­ment les vis­i­teurs inter­agis­sent avec les sites Web.

Purpose of the data collected

Metrologic Group SAS processes data for explicit, legit­i­mate and spec­i­fied pur­poses. Your data are mainly processed for the fol­low­ing purposes: 
  • man­ag­ing your reg­is­tra­tion for events orga­nized by Metrologic Group SAS;
  • man­ag­ing your sub­scrip­tions to pub­li­ca­tions of Metrologic Group SAS;
These pur­poses have been com­mu­ni­cated to our Data Protection Officer.

Information of users

In accor­dance with the French Data Protection Act, Metrologic Group SAS informs you about the pro­cess­ing of per­sonal data it car­ries out. Whenever it col­lects per­sonal data Metrologic Group SAS will pro­vide you with clear infor­ma­tion including: 
  • the iden­tity of the controller;
  • the pur­pose for which your per­sonal data are collected;
  • whether replies to ques­tions are com­pul­sory or optional;
  • the exis­tence of, and con­di­tions to exer­cise, your rights to inquire about, access, and rec­tify all of the data relat­ing to you and to object to their processing.

Data recipients

Metrologic Group SAS dis­closes your per­sonal data only to autho­rized and spec­i­fied recip­i­ents. The recip­i­ents of your per­sonal data are the rel­e­vant depart­ments of Metrologic Group SAS.

Data retention

Metrologic Group SAS keeps your data only for the time nec­es­sary to carry out the oper­a­tions for which they were col­lected and in accor­dance with the leg­is­la­tion in force.


Metrologic Group SAS secures your per­sonal data by imple­ment­ing data pro­tec­tion mea­sures strength­ened by the use of phys­i­cal and log­i­cal secu­rity measures.

Your rights

In accor­dance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to inquire about, access, and rec­tify all of the data relat­ing to you and the right to object on legit­i­mate grounds to their pro­cess­ing. You can exer­cise these rights by send­ing a let­ter, together with a copy of a signed iden­tity doc­u­ment, to the Data Protection Officer by email at dpo@​metrologic.​fr or by post to the fol­low­ing address: Metrologic Group SAS — 6 Chemin du Vieux Chêne 38240 Meylan FRANCE.

Contact us

For all inquiries regard­ing the pri­vacy pol­icy of Metrologic Group SAS, please con­tact dpo@​metrologic.​fr



Updated Thursday April 9th, 2020


In these times of change, we need to be proactive and adapt to a world that will be different.  Not only does this apply to us as a technological company but most importantly to our customers who will grow different set of expectations. More than ever, time has come to step up to evolving market demands: we are committed to implementing radical changes to support our end-users. Starting today.


Updated Tuesday March 17th, 2020


At Metrologic Group, safety is our number one priority. We are committed to providing you with the best possible customer experience while protecting our staff. As of Tuesday March 17th noon France is in partial lockdown and we will be applying government mandatory measures.  All of our team is able to operate and work remotely in secured locations.

Preventing the further spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility for us all.

We are monitoring and enforcing all guidelines set out by local governments in the countries in which we operate, whether related to local requirements, general hygiene or to travel restrictions.

During this time, we are doing our best to maintain 100% of our technical support services by phone, email or remote assistance.  If you have any technical problems using our solution or need simple assistance, you can contact us normally through the usual channels and locally available phone numbers:


  • • Technical Support: hotline [at]  (replace [at] by @)
  • • Find and contact your local support
  • • Technical Support for France Hotline Direct Access Number: +33-476-043-033
  • • Or locate your nearest Subsidiary/resseller for local support.
  • • General or Commercial Inquiries: +33-476-043-030
  • • Extranet Link


Trainings, on-site assistance and business trips are cancelled until further notice.

However, our team of experts is available to perform virtual/remote training to support your needs:  contact your local focal to learn more on how we have adpated to the situation to keep providing training on our full range of software solutions.

We will continue to keep you informed as we go along and we invite you to regularly consult this page for the latest information.


Thank you and stay safe,

The Metrologic Group Team

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