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Metrologic Group is the technological asset of industrial companies that head for improved performance and unique competitive advantage. We design and offer innovative 3D measurement software solutions that stay in tune with the market and drive change for customers.

Working at Metrologic Group

Are you looking to work with enthusiastic experts who are tackling game-changing challenges in manufacturing quality and beyond? At Metrologic Group, we develop groundbreaking technologies that facilitate day-to-day measurement operations anywhere in the plant for all our existing customers and for any kind of 3D inspection users. We are a team of people that work hard, that are willing to think outside the box, turn bold ideas into reality and enjoy what they do.

After 40 years setting the trends in 3D metrology, with a continuous and visionary R&D effort, we keep demonstrating that innovation is definitely part of our DNA.

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Ready for your next challenge?

Great company = great people

The people working for us are our greatest asset.
We believe human contribution gives us the competitive edge.
It’s up to you what career direction to take, but if you choose to be part of our team, we’ll support you along the way.

We are convinced that behind every great company is a great team of people. Great products and businesses stem from people; their creativity, vision, passion and drive to change the world. Our goal is to create the disruptive 3D metrology of the future. 3D measurements that make sense and impact the manufacturing industry, across the whole value chain to the customer.

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Our team works tirelessly behind the scenes building and marketing the 3D inspection software solutions, selling them, supporting the customers and ensuring that everything is up and running seamlessly. Our people are constantly on the lookout for new technological upgrades that are thereafter integrated with the latest developments. We don’t look only for meeting customer demands, we go the extra mile by beating customer expectations in order to remain on the frontline of change.

Take the career direction that suits your talents and dedication.
Let’s shape together the future of 3D metrology!

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The values we look for…
…and foster among our team:

> PASSION – We live our passion for technology, constant innovation and relentless will to go the extra mile for the benefit of our customers.

> SENSE OF COMMUNITY – We innovate through teamwork, multi-disciplinary approach. Besides this, we engage people in the team as well as a bigger crowd and use their collective wisdom to generate value for the product and for the company.

> MEANING – “Safety first” – We help make the world a safer place.

> PERSONAL FULFILMENT –We offer more than wide-ranging career options and opportunities to grow your skills and progress. By joining us, you’ll gain freedom to shape your role and significantly impact the company’s direction and future.

> FUN – Work hard, play hard. Besides being creative and working hard, we also know how to spend time as a team and get involved in social activities.

Choose the right path for you

Key areas in which we look for talents. Are you the right match?

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Software development & testing

Design of new software solutions for smart factories and industry 4.0
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Sales & Pre-sales

Be a problem solver for customers: build trust and strong relationships
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Technical support & training

Enable customers to solve complex 3D measurement challenges
Six good reasons to join our team

A company on a human scale, with great work atmosphere, sense of belonging, shaped by human values that we embody and support in everything we do.

We foster a climate of confidence where people can take initiative and innovate, we aim to create a workplace where it matters what people put on the table, a key to better performance and company growth.

Challenging and pleasant working environment


In-house mobility opportunities

Competitive salary and performance-based compensation


A company leader on the market

Promising perspectives within a fast-growing market

Continuous improvement and innovation

Employee testimonials

“I started working at Metrologic Group 12 years ago as an application engineer. Following 3 years of experience in the field with technical missions, I wanted to move on a more sales-oriented career, which suited me better.

Now, I am in charge of developing partnerships with original 3D measurement equipment manufacturers (OEM) within the French market. That’s fine for me, because this position is “made to measure” and it plays a strategic role within the company.”


OEM Partnership Sales Manager

“I joined the R&D-Test team less than 2 years ago following a Master’s degree in Mechanics. I have discovered a job that I like, which through programming and coding, allows me to model and project myself into our customers’ challenges, thanks to the testers’ mindset. Beyond my role, I appreciate the teamwork, with experts in their various fields, we interact and exchange regularly.

Originally from the Haute Savoie, moving to Grenoble also suited my life project in a setting that combines the benefits of the city with mountain activities.”


Software Tester

“After more than 6 years as a software test engineer, I had the opportunity to join the product department team. This allowed me to utilize my existing skill set as a software tester, to handle new tasks and challenges, that may arise within the product department.

Today, my job as “product manager” consists of keeping an eye on the market to identify immediate needs and opportunities that will allow us to generate innovative features in our software solutions.”


Product Manager

“With a Master’s degree in Physics, I joined the Test team 5 years ago. After 3 years of ensuring the reliability and quality of our software and their innovations, I wanted to join the Software Development team. That’s how the company supported me in my internal mobility project.

Today, my position as a developer allows me to enrich my technical skills by developing new functionalities and adapting the architecture to technological evolutions. Designing and implementing the latest innovations is a permanent challenge.”


Software Developer

Our goal: more gender equality

According to 2018-771 French law on the freedom of choosing one’s professional career, aimed at eliminating the pay gap between men and women, Metrologic Group will annually publish its Gender Equality Index.

The gender pay gap index is made up of 4 indicators:

  • The pay gap between men and women,
  • The distribution of salary raises among men and women,
  • The number of women getting raised upon their return from maternity or adoption leave,
  • The parity among the 10 highest compensations.

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INDEX 2023 - Egalité professionnelle femmes-hommes

(au titre des données 2022)

1 - écart de remuneration 39/40
2 - écarts d'augmentations individuelles 35/35
3 - pourcentage de salariés augmentés au retour d'un congé maternité Incalculable
4 - nombre de salariés du sexe sous-représenté parmi les 10 plus hautes rémunérations 0/10
Total des indicateurs calculables 74/85

INDEX (sur 100 points)

87 %

Le total des indicateurs calculables est ramené sur 100 points en appliquant la règle de la proportionnalité.